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Diamonds are one of the most spectacular rarities in the world that never fails to amaze people. In fact, there will be hardly any person who is not enchanted by the incredible allure of these gemstones. Do you know that diamonds were formed even before the Dinosaur age and still continue to cast their charm on the viewers? Similarly, there are many other interesting facts about this magical stone that will make you fall for it even more. Some of those fascinating facts are given below.

  • The use of diamonds is not just limited to jewelry pieces. It is used for industrial purposes as well. Note that diamonds are categorized into three groups after their mining process: industrial quality, gem quality, and boart. The last category is industrial abrasives.
  • There are around ten different types of diamond ring cuts that accentuate the brilliance and appeal of diamonds. However, do you know diamonds tend to lose half of its total carat weight during their cutting process? Traditional diamond ring cuts are even more vulnerable to rough diamond wastage when compared to their unconventional counterparts.
  • There is only a single operating diamond mine in the United States of America, and it is located in a state park. The interesting fact is that tourists can mine diamonds here as well, and they can keep what they get.
  • Diamonds are formed in almost every rainbow color depending on the type of mineral trapped in it during the formation process. For instance, the presence of boron atoms in a diamond will make it appear blue, while green diamonds are formed as a result of irradiation.
  • Diamonds are mined in almost every continent except Antarctica and Europe. Currently, diamonds are mined at around 25 countries all over the world.
  • The process of faceting diamonds was developed in the 16th Century. Adding facets to a diamond will enhance the diamond cut quality making it more brilliant and striking.
  • Scientists can create a diamond out of the remains of your loved ones too, all thanks to the developed technologies. This way, you will be able to enjoy the presence of your dear ones and stay connected with them even after their death.
  • Currently, diamonds are mined undersea or underground using modern equipment and heavy machinery. In the old times, this was not possible and miners used to find these stunning gemstones at the riverbed or alongside the water bodies at that time.
  • The tradition of wearing diamond engagement rings on the fourth finger of the left hand was originated in Egypt. According to them, the vein in the ring finger directly connects to the heart. Hence, putting an engagement ring on that finger symbolizes an eternal bond with your partner’s heart.
  • Diamonds are available in all colors of the rainbow.