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Cushion cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds are among the most popular diamond cuts available. Out of the different diamond cuts, these are the most popular ones after the round brilliant diamonds. Both cuts have their advantages but they also have some crucial differences, which are usually the reason why people choose one or the other. Below are some features of the princess cut and the cushion cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut

The cushion cut has been in popular use for over 100 years. Hence, it is a great choice for a vintage themed diamond ring. The presence of their large facets is responsible for their high clarity and brilliance. The noticeable difference between the cushion cut and the princess cut is that they have softly rounded corners. Although the shape is square, they are also available in different shapes. The best choice for a square cushion cut is a length to width ratio between 1 and 1.05. If you prefer a rectangular cushion cut diamond, choose a width ratio between 1.15 and 1.30.

The princess cut is one of the relatively modern choices for engagement rings. It is considered the best diamond cut today, is marked by pointed corners, and usually has a symmetric, square profile. However, their shape might change depending upon the length-to-width ratio of the stone. For instance, while 1.0 is a perfect square, 1.2 appears rectangular. You can choose the shape of your choice by selecting the length-to-width ratio sensibly.

Sparkle and Style

Both the prominent diamond shapes are very different when it comes to the sparkle they offer. The cushion cut produces a gentle sparkle that could be compared to that of water or crushed ice. Princess cut diamonds, on the other hand, is characterized by a much brighter brilliance. However, remember that the brilliance and fire of a diamond depend on the individual diamond’s clarity and other features.

As for the engagement ring styles, the princess cut suits best in three stone settings. Their straight and perfectly shaped edges make the ring look elegant and beautiful. Meanwhile, three stone rings with cushion cut in the center and trillion cuts around could also bring a nice vintage feel to the engagement ring.

Regardless of the shape you opt for, make sure you know the diamond you are about to buy. Go through several samples before arriving at a final piece. Take your time before buying and make sure you buy the best quality diamond.  You may even choose to start your diamond search online.  Going the digital shopping route, you can customize your perfect princess cut engagement ring, ensuring it meets all of your expectations.