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The orange colored diamonds acquire their color from the presence of nitrogen within their structure as it is for yellow diamonds. The stricture of nitrogen groups within diamonds determine whether they are orange or yellow colored. The orange colored diamonds are also called as pumpkin diamonds. Below is a discussion on the features of the orange diamonds.

Orange Diamond Intensity Levels

There are different levels of color intensity as categorized by the GIA. This includes Faint Orange, Light Orange, Fancy, Fancy Light Orange, Fancy Vivid Orange, Fancy Intense Orange, Very Light Orange, and Fancy Deep Orange.

Similar to other types of fancy colored diamonds, the orange colored diamonds also have a secondary overtone or hue within them. The most commonly observed colors are brown or yellow.

Orange Diamond’s Rarity and Prices

A pure orange diamond without the presence of any overtone or colors is said to be among the rarest gemstones to exist. According to observations, gemologists rank orange fifth in terms of rarity behind violet, red, blue, and pink. Due to the difficulty in finding the pure orange color, they are highly priced.

In case orange diamonds have secondary hue or an overtone, the prices drop significantly. Note that most of the orange diamonds have a color combination. The most common secondary hues are brown, brownish, yellow, yellowish, brownish yellow and pinkish. There are other color combinations but they would contain the following colors— pink, yellow, and brown.

Orange Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

If you are looking to purchase an orange diamond ring, make sure you get the right settings for the jewelry. Below are some of the best settings you may choose for orange diamond engagement rings.

Side Stones Setting

You can accent the orange diamond using smaller side diamonds. If you can use colorless diamonds for this purpose, it will help the orange diamond stand out.

Cross over Pavé Setting

This style includes highlighting the individual beauty of the orange diamond by using an attractive and ornate ring setting. One of the options would be to use a pavé style, along with smaller diamonds embedded beside the band.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is ideal to highlight the beauty and brilliance of the orange colored ring. Use the prong setting and lift the orange diamond above the ring for a guaranteed attractive look.

Orange diamonds are among the rarest diamonds found in nature. If you are looking to buy one, you can consider the above recommendations.