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A knife edge band is a great choice if you are looking for something unique for your wedding. If you are a bold person with loads of personality, then this ring will suit you. This is a simple yet fashionable ring which also has a classic touch to it. This ring design when accompanied with diamonds creates a stunning combination. It suits different diamond cut shapes and sizes and can be paired with other gemstones too.

The edges of a knife edge band will be arranged in a sloping position, which meets in the center to form a minor point on the surface of the band. This arrangement, which looks like a knife edge will provide the ring an angled appearance. It will be very smooth to touch the knife edge, and it gives the ring a traditional and trendy look.

The Benefit of this ring

Apart from the unique appearance, another advantage a knife edge band has is that, this setting will enhance your diamond. So this design is one of the most sought out design in diamond ring shapes. All diamond cut shapes will be accentuated with this ring setting.

Is wearing a knife edge band comfortable?

A knife edge band may not be comfortable as a comfort band ring because of the small point this ring has. But you will get used to it eventually, after wearing for a few days. It might take some time to get comfy with this ring, as it will feel like wearing a ring with loads of protruding diamonds.

Matching a knife edge ring with other rings

A common doubt that many people has when selecting a knife edge band as an engagement ring is that, is it necessary to get the same design for the wedding ring also? Actually, this is a difficult question to answer. Sometimes it might be difficult to find another ring design that perfectly goes with a knife edge ring. If you want to wear both rings on the same finger, then you might have to buy knife edge rings for both engagement as well as wedding. Or else you will have to find a design which matches the design of the knife edge ring.

But if you plan to wear both rings on different fingers, then you don’t have to be concerned about this. You can choose any design for your wedding ring even if you choose a knife edge ring as your engagement ring.

If you want a special look for your engagement or wedding, then knife edge band is a great choice for you. It will give you a unique appearance as well as a bold and courageous look.