Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles

The cushion cut is one of the popular diamond cut styles that is known for its vintage look. With its square shape, a cushion-cut diamond also creates a great option for people who want a modern appeal to their engagement rings. Cushion-cut engagement rings can be a classic option for brides who are looking for something timeless. This diamond shape has a lot of unique advantages that make it distinct from other diamond shapes. But it has some drawbacks too which make it not suitable for everyone. Therefore, we list some of the pros and cons associated with cushion-cut diamond engagement rings.

Pros Of Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

If you are planning to get a cushion-cut engagement ring, the following are some of the important benefits you have to be aware of it:

Offers Vintage Look: The cushion cut is centuries old. It is the modern version of the “old mine” cut, hence, it can be a modern choice for people who are looking for vintage engagement rings. Cushion-cut is the best diamond cut for creating an antique look for your diamond jewelry.

Lacks Sharp Corners: Cushion-cut diamonds lack sharp corners. Therefore, they are less prone to chipping. This diamond cut can be a wonderful choice for active brides, as it can be a durable option.

Disperses Light Greatly: Because of how they are cut, cushion diamonds can wonderfully disperse light. Hence, these stones can create a stunning sparkle and brilliance.

However, they are less brilliant than many other diamond cuts including round and princess. Cushion diamonds create a subtle glow when compared to such diamonds. So these diamonds can suit brides who are looking for a conspicuous look.

Cushion-Cut Is Great ForColored Diamonds: Cushion-cut can be a wonderful option for colored diamonds because of its ability to enhance color.

Cons Of Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion-cut diamonds have some drawbacks too. Hence, knowing them is necessary when choosing these diamonds. Some of the drawbacks associated with these diamonds are mentioned below:

Can Show Imperfections: Cushion diamonds feature large facets. Hence, they can easily show the color and inclusions within the stone. Therefore, you will have to go for high color and clarity grades when getting these diamonds.

Some settings May Not Suit This Stone: As cushion-cut diamonds have lower brilliance, settings like the bezel can further reduce their shine. So it is better to go for prong settings when choosing these stones.

Hence, when choosing cushion-cut engagement rings, it is important to consider the pros and cons so that you can determine whether it can be suitable for you.