Diamond Cut Shapes
Diamond Cut Shapes
Diamond Cut Shapes

When you go for engagement ring shopping, you can see a lot of diamond cut shapes including round, pear, emerald, princess, Asscher, cushion, etc. Choosing the right diamond shape that suits you the best can be a tricky task. Along with choosing a good shape that complements your fingers, it is also important to select the right ring setting that is suitable for different diamond cuts. Most people are unaware of selecting a setting that matches the shape of the diamond. Therefore, we provide you some tips and tricks for helping you to select the perfect ring for you.

Round Diamonds

Round diamond is the most popular diamond shape, as they exhibit spectacular brilliance and shine. The round shape and the large number of facets allow this shape to give off maximum sparkle. Hence, it is adored by a large number of people across the world.

When coming to ring setting, the mostly found setting for round diamonds is the prong setting where small metal claws will be holding the diamond in its position. You may go for four prongs that will provide a square look for your stone. It is also possible to have a six-prong setting which will make the diamond appear round. In addition to this, you can also choose a five-prong setting that will give the stone a different geometric shape.

Apart from the prong setting, there are also many other ring settings that will suit a round diamond. They include bezel, tension, etc. A bezel setting is a great option for those who have an active lifestyle, as it gives more protection for the stone by surrounding it with the metal. If you want to add more sparkle for your ring, you may also settle for a halo or pave setting.


Pear shaped diamonds will need six prongs for holding them in its position. It will also look good with bezel, tension, pave and melee setting. However, the prong and tension setting will show off the shape of the diamond really well.

Princess Cut and Heart-Shaped Diamonds

These are two stunning options for engagement rings. They will look beautiful as solitaires, or on an eternity band or with halos and side stones.

Cushion Cut and Radiant Diamonds

These cuts are very popular in colored diamonds, as they enhance the color of the diamond greatly. Hence, when choosing a setting for these shapes, your aim should be to accentuate the color of the stone. They look beautiful as solitaires. Another option is to add side stones in emerald or trilliant shapes that will give more emphasis for their shape.