Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles

Inclusions are natural flaws present in most diamonds. Diamonds without inclusions are extremely rare. This particular imperfection is a result of various impurities getting trapped inside the crystal during the formation of a diamond. In some cases, the number and size of inclusions will be extremely small, whereas, in some other cases, there can be a large number of inclusions with bigger sizes. Such inclusions can be highly visible thereby deteriorating the appeal of your diamonds.

Along with reducing the beauty of your diamonds, inclusions can have a great impact on the integrity and strength of your stone, especially if they are higher in number and size. Therefore, it is important for you to know how the inclusions present in your diamond can make it weaker. So we analyze the impact created by the presence of inclusions on the integrity of diamonds.

Types Of Inclusions

There are different types of inclusions present in diamonds based on the impurity getting trapped inside them. Some common forms of inclusions present in these stones include dark spots, small crystals (visible as clouds or pinpoints), lines, cracks (known as feathers), etc.

Based on the increase in the number and visibility of inclusions, the value of diamonds can decrease. The visibility of inclusions is denoted by the clarity grade of diamonds. Diamonds with visible inclusions will have lower clarity grades.

How Can Inclusions Make A Diamond Weak?

Inclusions will have a great impact on the integrity of a diamond. They can increase the risk of these stones getting cracked when pressure is applied to them. There are certain factors that can determine how the inclusions can affect the strength of a diamond. Some of them include:

The Number Of Inclusions: One or two inclusions may not have much impact on the strength of the diamond. But if there is a large number of inclusions present in your stone, it can affect the stone’s integrity considerably.

The Location Of Inclusions: If the inclusions are present in the girdle or the edges of a diamond, it can increase the possibility for the stone to crack. Also, some diamond cut shapes can be more vulnerable to chipping than others. Diamond cut styles that come with sharp corners can be more vulnerable to cracking and chipping if inclusions are present in their pointed corners.

Additionally, inclusions with a higher size can further increase the chance for your stone to crack. Therefore, if you are getting diamonds with inclusions, make sure to closely inspect their number, size, and location.