Diamond Cut Guide
Diamond Cut Guide
Diamond Cut Guide

As the center stone, a diamond should be worth what you spend on it alongside the other parts of an engagement ring. Among other ring features, the right cut of a diamond will help you considerably to ensure that it will last for a long time. It may appear to be rocket science to determine these kinds of features, but our diamond cut guide will put you straight.

The Best-Cut Diamond Sparkles More

Diamond quality comes down to the cut, color, carat and clarity of the gemstone. That said, cut is more important than the three other characteristics mainly because it dictates how it shows brilliance. It does not matter whether the stone has excellent clarity or color when it lacks a cut that shows off its radiance. You will find it surprising how a diamond appears under spotlighting, diffused lighting and both types of light. These outputs usually depend on symmetrical facets, fire, brilliance, finishing details, and proportions.

Experts recommend choosing excellent- or ideal-grade diamonds, such as the options in a radiant cut diamond engagement ring. Those kinds of cuts can maximize the brilliance of the stone when it is exposed to many different lighting conditions.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Will Mostly Work Well

The round brilliant cut offers customers more confidence than the other top diamond cuts for engagement rings. It strikes a balance between many qualities, including the size appearance when a diamond is viewed with the face turned upwards. While the round shape is not as big when viewed face-up, it has the edge with regard to other aspects if you consider the downsides of the other cuts. A round-shaped diamond with an excellent-grade cut does not have any corners to protect as well as looks prominent if you view it face-up.

Check The Grading Report

Jewelers offer access to grading reports for free; the reports have information about the shape and cut quality of a diamond. The jewelry sector uses assessments from the AGS and the GIA. The gemstone grading systems of those two organizations are considered to be better than those of other such institutions.

The AGS and the GIA grade diamonds differently as well as make sure to offer consistent grades, helping to lessen confusion for the buyer. Be sure to look at the grading report that accompanies your diamond or jewelry piece to determine whether you have the right product.