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There are a number of diamond cuts available today, which make your engagement ring look gorgeous and unique from others. Out of the different diamond cuts, the cushion cut is one of the most popular ones among today’s brides. This is a type of romantic design, which also has the vintage factor associated with it. Besides, the open facets also enhance the color and clarity of the stone.

Cushion cuts have deep pavilions, tall crowns, a very large culet, and wide facets. However, as we transitioned into the modern era, some of its popularity faded, when the different cuts of diamonds took over. Yet recently, it has made a comeback into the mainstream. So if you were about to buy one, below are some points that would support your choice of a cushion cut diamond.

The Main Features

The cushion cut diamond is a beautiful mix of modern round brilliant cut and the old mine facet pattern. Its profile is a soft square or a rectangular one with curved angles that resembles a pillow.

The carat weight distribution and the facet size determine the overall appearance of a diamond. A cushion cut diamond is characterized by bigger facets when compared to a round cut diamond. This makes it look bigger when you look at the stone from the top. Note that the sparkle, however, does not come up to the range of a round cut.

Cushion cut diamonds cost 25% to 50% lesser than the round brilliant cut diamonds. The price of these diamonds is fluctuating nowadays though, especially because of the spike in its popularity.

Finding Good Quality Cushion Cut Diamond

The quality of cushion cut diamonds is based on the cut grade. The grade Very Good is preferred along with a moderate length-to-width ratio. Besides, pay attention to symmetry grades and polish too. These two factors contribute to bringing the sparkle of the facets to a maximum.

The ideal depth percentage of a cushion cut diamond is below 70%. In addition, table percentage is preferred below 70%. Usually, cushion cut diamonds are composed of 58 facets, yet it is observed that this number may also vary. However, the arrangement of facets is similar to that of round brilliant cut diamonds.

These diamonds are known to maintain color better than most other diamond cuts. The higher table and depth allows the brilliance to be at the highest level, and hence, the colors are accentuated.