Diamond Cuts
Diamond Cuts
Diamond Cuts

When searching for diamond engagement rings, you might have come across the term cut. It is one of the most important features of a diamond, because it affects the sparkle of the gemstone the most. One poorly cut diamond does not shine as much as another with a slightly better cut grade than it. So, many people consider the cut grade when shopping for engagement rings. If you are looking to purchase one, you will come across the following diamond cuts and will need to choose between them.

Round Brilliant

Fashion trends tend to be present for a limited period, but certain styles remain popular for such a long time. The conventional round brilliant diamond cut is an example of this, plus it has been the best-known cut after the 20th century. Because of how the stone’s facets interact with the light, this cut has remained a popular option.

Besides better scintillation patterning and better shine, round cut stones also complement many different types of hand shapes or fingers. Those who love this shape are faithful, drawn to conventions and honest, plus they want a classy look.


The second most popular diamond cut is the princess cut. The cut diamond has a squarish look, and it provides an amount of brilliance like the round-shaped stone.

Interestingly, the per-carat price of a diamond with the princess cut is lower than other shapes. So this will offer you the most value for money. This is since the diamond cutter uses the raw stone efficiently when polishing, causing less material scrap.

Women who desire this diamond like to be the focus of public attention, plus they take risks and behave similarly to leaders.


The diamond cut is named so because it resembles a pillow. The stone has a bit rounded edges. This gives it a much ‘softer’ feel on the finger, and the shape appears to be a blend of both round and square cut. It is ideal for those who seek a balance between unique look and shine.

Those who love cushion cut diamonds are organized people, and they are willing to give new things a try whenever these come on the market. They are romantic and proud of the things they do.


Diamonds with oval cut appear stylish, plus they have become popular in recent years. An oval cut diamond with a little bit elongated shape creates the illusion of thinner and longer fingers for the wearer.

Women who want the oval shape are also risk-takers and creatively artistic. The egg-like shape of the stone represents fertility.

Emerald Cut

From the name itself, you may be able to know that this diamond is cut into the shape of an emerald gemstone. An emerald-shaped diamond has big open facets, plus it is polished with the ‘step-cut’ method. Unlike the round stone with a signature sparkle similar to a glitter ball, an emerald-cut diamond creates an effect called ‘hall-of-mirrors’ that offers it a distinctive look.

The cut’s open style symbolizes the open heart of the wearer. If you have the cut diamond or jewelry set with the stone, it shows your taste for vintage jewelry and confident character.


Also called the ‘teardrop’, the pear is among the popular diamond cuts for drop earrings, engagement rings and pendants. Choose it for your engagement ring because it will display an aura of beauty.

The pear symbolizes an individualistic person who can adapt to changes in their life. It is a sign of an adventurous personality and self expression.


The radiant cut stone has trimmed corners and a rectangular shape. The patterning of its facets creates a play of light, radiating from the middle to the sides of the gemstone.

Radiant cut diamond wearers are fun-loving and bubbly. This uniquely cut diamond is a symbolization of the wearer’s trendy mindset.


The Asscher belongs in the family of step diamond cuts. The Asscher cut stone has cropped corners and a stunning facet pattern. It shows a dazzling play of light, which attracts your attention to the center when viewed with the face of the gem put upwards.

It represents the wearer’s progressive and meticulous nature, and highlights their feminism.


The marquise cut diamond resembles the football used in the NFL. It is perfect for those who want to make a fashion statement through their ring. The marquise cut will make your finger look longer than normal, and it looks bigger than other diamond shapes of comparable weights.

Individuals who love this shape have a bold taste and love to be in the limelight. The pointy and long outline is a sign of their glamorous temperament.


A diamond with heart shape is the ultimate symbol of love and very much worth seeing. Shopping for well cut stones is very tricky because it takes much expertise to cut these gems in this way.

A heart diamond is the representation of love and romance for the fiancée, and it is great for one who has dramatic or sentimental personality.