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Diamond Ring Selection

Couples are expected to wear their diamond engagement rings for the rest of their life. For this, it is important to make sure that the ring design is perfect to complement your lifestyle and personality. Otherwise, you may find it awkward to flaunt your once beautiful and trendy diamond engagement rings after a few years of decades. Note that diamond ring trends tend to change frequently.

Clearly, it is significant to choose a diamond engagement ring that reflects the image that you are creating for yourselves in your professional and social circle. At the same time, it must be comfortable to wear on a daily basis as well. So, even if you find an exceptional ring, never forget to put some thought to how this captivating engagement ring will fit into your everyday lifestyle. Below are some of the important points that you may consider in this case.

Which Diamond Engagement Ring Design Complements your Career?

Are you a person who does not like taking off your engagement ring every time you are off to work? Then, make sure to choose a sparkler that complements your professional lifestyle. In fact, the right diamond engagement ring can even uplift your professional image. Below are some of the perfect engagement ring designs for some career options.

  • If your work demands an affluent professional image such as a fashion designer, real estate agent, salesperson, boutique owner, etc., choose a ring that excels in its style, design, and diamond choice. Better, choose a traditional round gemstone featuring the best and sparkling diamond. Alternatively, you may consider a large fancy-shaped diamond that is accentuated by Hollywood inspired band setting as well to ace your game.
  • If your job involves dirty work such as housecleaning, landscaping, cooking, sculpting, etc., choose a ring that features smooth detailing. In case you choose a sparkler that features nooks and crannies, it is likely to capture dirt easily. This includes channel set diamonds, metal engraving, etc. Furthermore, make sure that your diamond engagement ring will fit perfectly under gloves when you put them on.
  • If you are employed in a risky field such as police, security guard, social worker, etc., it will be better to go with a less lustrous option. The best diamond cut that you may consider in this case will be a baguette diamond. Otherwise, choose a wide metal band that is enhanced with tiny diamonds or other gemstones. In case you admire bigger diamond engagement rings, make sure to buy an accessory to cover it, such as a silicon cover band and wear it when you leave for work.