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Diamond Shape Guide

The rough stones are molded to definite types of diamond shapes to look more beautiful. Basically, the inclusive geometric appearance of the stone is known as its diamond shape. They have to be chosen based on some specific pattern, only to look at your fingers turn more beautiful. Below listed are the finger types and some suggestions to make the ring you have worn worthwhile.

Diamond Shapes for Long Fingers

Ladies with long fingers are the luckiest lots while buying rings, as they have got an array of varied interesting shapes and patterns that may be carried off very elegantly. The hands in longer fingers add oomph whether they wear a grand design or even a simple solitaire ring. Fancy shapes such as the cushion cut or the princess cut diamonds can also be tried gorgeously. You may avoid pear and marquise diamond shapes to not look too much elongated.

Diamond Shapes for Short Fingers

Choosing shapes that accentuate by providing an elongated visual appeal would be most suitable for women with short fingers. Oval, Marquise or pear-shaped diamonds would do this job with quite an ease. Another fruitful idea satisfying this condition is adorning a thinner or narrow band. This aids to create a contrasting demeanor.

Diamond Shapes for Large Knuckles

The unmanageable larger skin area can be balanced with a beautiful volume of a three stone ring.  This is done so as to distract the attention of the large knuckles, which may stand out on the hands as a sore feature. Wider and bolder band designs can experiment well on the ladies with large knuckles.

Diamond Shapes for Chubby Fingers

In order to avert the underwhelming feel of the ring, it is wise to go for a diamond shape that has wider coverage. A halo clustered ring or similar shapes would turn out to a cost-effective solution if the big budget to cover your stubby finger is a real issue. Due to these conditions, fat fingers are considered to be the trickiest to work with.

Diamond Shapes for Small Hands

For a lady with small and petite hands, simple elegant bands with either princess cut or round brilliant cut or plainly a solitaire design are to look adorable. Proportionally better patterns for them could be made from the smaller carat diamond shapes.

Diamond Shapes for Large Hands

The larger hands are to look most attractive when they are adorned with any pattern or diamond shape, which will require larger finger coverage. This can be done either by a larger center stone or with unique settings of pave side or accent stones.