Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles

Diamonds are “diamonds” only when they shine and those wearing it too radiate the same glow. The luster of diamonds is attributed to the number of facets they have. Therefore, people consider having more faceted diamond ornaments. But, is what people say true?

What Do Experts Say?

According to the experts, the fire, brilliance, and scintillation of diamonds depend on facets. But not on their number, but their right proportions and symmetry. The shape of the facets of the diamond will determine the amount of light that will get reflected or refracted. When a diamond is cut in the perfect proportions, you will see it has the most shine and brilliance.

Diamond Facet

A facet is a crucial factor in determining the overall appearance of a diamond. They are flat surfaces on the geometric shape of the diamonds that play a role in making the stone shine. Different diamond cuts have facets of different measures, shapes and numbers. For example, a brilliant-cut diamond has 57 facets- the crown of the diamond alone has 33 diamonds and the pavilion holds 24 facets. Some round brilliant cut diamonds have even more than 57 diamonds. The facets are arranged in a diamond such that the required amount of light is reflected or enters it. In fact, the arrangement and measurement of facets in the crown and pavilion will be different in the same cut itself. Here is the breakdown of how they contrast and the effect it has on the brightness of the diamond.

The Crown

The crown is the portion of the diamond that sits on its head- hence the name. The purpose of the crown of a diamond is to let light into it and also acts as the frame of the stone. Moreover, each facet has two parts that do not depend on each other.

Window – This part of the facet lets light enters it and transforms it into colored light or dispersion.

Frame – Frames are intersections and sharp lines that separate the facets that absorb light but rather disperse and neutralize it.

The Pavilion

The function of the pavilion is very different from that of the crown. It redirects the absorbed light back to the eye of the wearer or observer.

Now, what do you think? Do more facets contribute to shinier diamonds?

The answer is simple- NO. The shine and brilliance of a different diamond cut styles will not depend on the number of facets. However, the arrangement of these facets can make a stone look brighter.