Gin is a distilled spirit made using grain as the starting material. The flavor that stands out in the drink is of juniper berries. In addition to the berries, almost 8 types of botanicals are added to gin to enhance its flavor. Gin was made for the first time in Holland and the English made it popular across the world.

The 80-100 proof spirit has 40-50% alcohol content. Gin is the best liquor gift you can give your loved ones.

What Are The Raw Materials Used For Making Gin?

Gin is made of a mash of cereal grains including wheat, corn, barley or rye. The drink mostly looks clear while some get a slight golden color, attributed to the manufacturing methods employed to incorporate flavors into it.

The addition of botanicals makes gin stand out among conventional distilled spirits and the process is not a simple one. The botanicals are introduced into the still while the liquor is made, in order to achieve the perfect balance of flavors in the gin.

The dominant aroma and flavor in gin is contributed by the juniper berries that give the drink a unique pine flavor. Almond, cassia, angelica, coriander, citrus peels and fennel are the common botanicals added to enhance the flavor of gin. Some brands keep the number of botanicals they add into the drink to less than 10 while some may add even 30 or more botanicals. Gin contains about 40 to 47 percent alcohol by volume (80-94 proof). The majority of the brands make 80 proof gin.

What Is The Taste Of Gin?

Because juniper is the dominant flavoring ingredient, pine flavor stands out in almost every traditional recipe. Older styles are generally sweeter while modern styles emphasize less on juniper berries and instead focus on other herbal flavors.

What Are The Different Types Of Gin?

You can distinguish between different types of gins based on their flavors. Some of them are discussed below.


Genever, the Dutch and Belgian version is the original style of gin made from malted grain mash. It is lower proof when compared to its English versions.

London Dry Gin

It is the most widely produced style of gin in the world as of now. The flavor of junipers stands out in this dry gin. The addition of botanicals in its second or third stage of distillation gives it a characteristic flowery aroma.

Old Tom Gin

It is a sweeter version of London dry gin and the spirit also has notes of citrus in it. Not before many years, old Tom gin was exclusively made in the UK only. However, it is currently made in many US distilleries as well.

Gin is a suitable choice for cocktails and it is most often enjoyed in mixed drinks.