Diamond Stone Cut
Diamond Stone Cut
Diamond Stone Cut

If you are in the search for a bold diamond stone cut that perfectly symbolizes romantic love, choose the bold and symbolic heart cut. The shape of the cut, the heart, is a universal symbol of love and the cut is one of the rarest diamond cuts available today.

What Is A Heart Cut?

The heart cut has about 56 to 58 facets and the “French tips” at the pointed edge of the cut enhances the brilliance of the diamond. The cut is equally popular in engagement rings and solitaires and it accentuates the unique design of the solitaire setting.

A highly skilled expert is needed if you want to get the perfect heart cut. The process begins by elaborating a pear shaped diamond into a heart shape by cutting out the V shape between the two halves of the heart shape and then rounding out the sides.

Because of its complex shape, selection of carat sizes that are not less than 0.5 is usually recommended because smaller carat sizes make it difficult to appreciate the unique details of the shape.

What Are The Ideal Settings For Heart Cut Diamonds?

The heart cut is quite complex and it demands specific settings in order to optimize the brilliance and light performance. Some of the settings that go well with the diamond cut are given below.

  • Bezel settings– Bezel settings are quite popular for the level of security they offer to the diamond by wrapping all around the diamond. The complex shape of the heart cut with pointed edge increases the chance of it catching on objects and getting loose which is why it is recommended to choose a bezel setting.
  • Three-prong setting– Three prongs of this setting hold the diamond in place without blocking out light, assuring the brilliance of the diamond. Make sure that the heart diamond is perfectly placed in this setting to avoid chances of falling off if any.

Things To Look For While Purchasing Heart Cut Diamonds


Make sure that you do not buy heart cut diamonds that have carat sizes less than 0.5 because the characteristic shape of the heart cut diamond is not that visible in smaller stones.


Always make sure that the two halves of the heart shape are perfectly symmetrical.

Look Out For Bow-Tie Effect

The bow-tie is a narrow dark band across the center of the diamond which is considered as a blemish and while purchasing heart cut diamonds, looks for the signs of bow-tie effect. If you see any signs, it is better to avoid buying that diamond.

The heart cut is a historically popular cut with evidences dated back to 17th century featuring the        shape. The rarity of the shape owing to the difficulty in cutting it makes it an expensive cut among the popular fancy diamond cut styles available.