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The main factor that you may consider while purchasing your diamond engagement rings will be the quality of the diamond. After all, it is likely to be the most expensive part of a ring. When it comes to the diamond cut quality, the key factors that you must consider is its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Out of these, you must give prime importance to the diamond cut since it can directly affect the sparkle and brilliance of your gemstone. Note that there are mainly ten diamond ring cuts; one traditional cut and nine fancy diamond cuts. Currently, most people are steering away from the conventional round diamond ring cuts and are migrating towards the fancy diamond cuts.  On a related note, any cut that is not round is regarded as fancy diamond cuts.

If you are also planning to purchase a fancy diamond cut ring, marquise diamond rings will be an ideal choice. This cut is characterized by its curvaceous sides and pointed tips. The main attraction of this diamond cut is its elongated silhouette that is relatively longer and narrower than other diamond ring cuts. As a result, marquise stones will make the finger of the wearer look elongated and slimmer. So, the marquise cut will be the best diamond cut for a woman who prefers to highlight the slenderness and length of her finger.  Furthermore, the marquise cut can be defined as a beautiful amalgamation of oval and princess cut diamonds. Small wonder that marquise is regarded as the best diamond cut for the people, especially women who admire the streamlined appeal of a princess cut diamonds and the classy elegance of an oval cut stone.

As a result of its unique profile, marquise cut diamonds are known by different names such as boat-shaped cut, football-shaped cut, navette, etc. If you are confused about whether or not a marquise cut diamond is the best choice for you, you may refer to some of its pros and cons given below.


  • A classy, unique, and sophisticated shape
  • Make your fingers look slimmer and elongated
  • Symbolizes romance and rich culture
  • Make the diamond to look bigger than its actual carat weight
  • The unique luster offered by a marquise cut diamonds defines classiness and beauty


  • Not as brilliant as traditional round diamond ring cuts
  • Pointed tips are vulnerable to damages if not set properly
  • There are chances for the occurrence of the bowtie effect

Clearly, the pros of the marquise diamond cut outweigh its cons. So, if you have decided that the non-traditional marquise is the best diamond cut option for you, there are certain factors that you must consider before purchasing it. Otherwise, you may end up getting scammed or ripped-off.

The length to width ratio

The LTW ratio is one of the most important factors that you must consider while choosing a marquise cut diamond, indeed any fancy diamond ring cuts. This ratio represents the perfect outline of your gemstone. For a marquise cut diamond, the LTW ratio ranges from 1.75 to 2.25 and the standard option is 2.0, which defines the perfect shape. If the LTW ratio of the marquise diamond that you choose is lesser or higher than the given range, your diamond is likely to look extremely stubby and shorter or elongated and slimmer respectively.

The bowtie effect

Another factor that is common in most fancy cut diamonds, especially the elongated diamonds is the bowtie effect. This effect is characterized by multiple darker areas in a diamond that mimics the bowtie of a man. Hence, it got the name. While a slight bowtie effect adds to the overall beauty of the diamond, severe bowtie effect can not only make it look dull but also make it vulnerable to damages. Note that the bowtie effect is caused by the misalignment in the organization of the facets. The misaligned facets tend to leak the light out of pavilion rather than reflecting it to the surface. This lack of light in the diamond creates the darker regions mentioned above. Furthermore, you will have to thoroughly check your diamond using a magnifier to assess this effect since it will not be documented on the diamond grading report.

Choose safe diamond ring settings

The marquise diamond cut feature pointed tips that are susceptible to damages, particularly chipping. Hence, you must choose a diamond ring setting that covers its pointed tips so that you may not have to worry even if your ring get struck by a hard object. The best option that ensures maximum protection to your marquise diamond ring is the bezel setting. However, the setting tends to limit that amount of light reflected by the gemstone and, thereby, its sparkle. In case you are looking for an option that caters to both the resplendence and safety of your diamond ring, you may consider the V-prong settings. Here, the pointed tips of a marquise stone will be secured by a V-shaped metal rim. The same objective can be achieved by employing the half bezel setting as well. In case you crave for something extremely sparkling, you may consider the halo diamond ring setting.