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Baguette Ring
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Baguette diamonds have a rectangular shape and is a member of the group called “step cuts”. The diamonds in the step cut group will have facets arranged parallel in a terrace-like fashion. Other members of this group are the Asscher cut and emerald cut. For a baguette, there will be normally 14 facets and usually comes in small carat weights than other diamond cuts. These diamonds are also cheaper than the round cut or emerald cut. So a baguette ring will cost less than the rings with other diamond cuts.

Baguette diamonds cannot be compared with round diamonds in terms of its brilliance. Diamonds with baguette cut will have less sparkle. Because of this, the flaws in Baguette diamonds will be more visible, as sparkle is the factor which helps to hide the inclusions in a diamond.

The less brilliance and sparkle will also affect their color. If the stone is of lower grade and has brown or yellow tint, it will be more visible than in a round diamond with the same grade. There are also no common standards or proportions to decide the ideal cut for a baguette diamond. For all these reasons you can get a baguette cut diamond ring at a comparatively low price.

Choosing a Baguette Diamond

If you are planning to buy a baguette diamond, it is better to go for shallower stones. Such stones will have a larger appearance for a given price. Depth of a stone is a factor which affects the brilliance of a stone, but for baguette diamonds, depth is not an important concern as this cut is not created to maximize brilliance.

Usually, baguette diamonds are known for their luster, since they do not have much sparkle or brilliance. Such diamonds are usually used as side stones. Baguette diamonds create great combination with an Asscher-cut or an emerald-cut stone, but compositions with other cuts are also possible.

When choosing baguette diamonds as side stones, you should make sure that it will match the color of the center stone. If you are using a center stone that has a brilliant cut, then it will look whiter than the baguette diamonds with same color. In this case, it is better to use baguette diamonds with higher color grade.

Baguette diamonds are a great choice to add beauty to your ring. They can be used as side stones to accompany your center stone. When buying a baguette diamond, it is important to notice the above mentioned facts to select the best diamonds.