Different Diamond Cuts
Different Diamond Cuts
Different Diamond Cuts

We know that each diamond comes in different shapes and styles. Diamond cut styles have their unique characteristics and people often find it difficult to choose one for their engagement rings. They often do extensive research to find the perfect diamond cut that matches their preferences. What most people fail to do is understand how to take care of the diamond cuts once you purchase them. Each diamond cut should be taken care of in its way.

Let’s take a look at some of the different diamond cuts and how can we take care of them.

Round Cut

Round diamonds are known for their classic looks, versatility, and longevity, and have 57-58 facets. This cut looks great in a wide range of ring settings and is particularly popular with collectors of classic jewelry. Even though round diamonds are more long-lasting than other diamond cuts, claw settings are still susceptible to chipping and damage.


The cushion cut is similar to the princess cut, but with rounded sides, similar to a cushion, hence its name. In today’s world, this cut is frequently regarded as antique in looks, and the requirements of the cuts are more variable than those of many other diamond cuts. To keep the radiance of your cushion cut, clean it with a high-quality liquid jewelry cleaner now and then.


The princess cut is by far the most prevalent engagement ring cut after the round cut. This is a square cut that works well in both contemporary and conventional settings. When you wear a princess cut diamond ring, try to avoid the use of a steam cleaner because the steam is capable of loosening the diamond in its setting.


Heart-shaped diamonds are one-of-a-kind and ideal for engagement rings. It’s a classic symbol of love that’s also common for solitaire pendants. Take it off when you engage in sporting activities or do heavy work with your hands because heart-shaped diamonds are susceptible to chips.


Since oval diamonds have twice as many facets as round diamonds, they have more fire, sparkle, and scintillation. Oval diamonds have a stylish look and can be found in a variety of settings. When trying to clean with abrasive chemicals, do not wear your oval-cut diamond. The sparkle of your stone may be dulled by these cleaners.

If you don’t already own a diamond ring, then remember to consider these before you own one!