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When you shop around for an engagement ring for your fiancée, many things will catch your attention and one among them is the diamond cut. You should prioritize the cut because it will impact the sparkle and value of the gemstone. Which one should you go for between princess cut and round brilliant cut diamonds? We have come up with this comparison post to make your buying decision much easier.

What is a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond?

The term ‘round brilliant’ refers to the shape to which the gemstone is cut. The round diamond was designed way back in 1919 for the first time. There are 58 facets on the modern round cut diamond, and it is known for its scintillation and fire. Over half of today’s diamonds sold globally are round shaped, and these make engagement rings look timeless. The gemstone is cut for the maximum return of light or best possible light performance.

With a tremendous brilliance and shine, the round cut can hide internal inclusions or imperfections and mask tints of color inside the stone. The rounded shape makes it versatile for a wide range of ring designs and styles.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

This diamond is perfect for individuals who love geometrical and symmetrical outlines. Made in the mid 20th century, the square diamond cut fast became famous owing to its eye-catching brilliance. The princess cut is second to the round brilliant in terms of sparkle and popularity, plus it constitutes one-third of diamonds sold across the globe.

For an uninitiated, diamonds of all shapes other than round brilliant are classified as ‘fancy-shaped’ stones. The princess is a cut modified from the round one, so it also comes under the fancy cut category. It stands apart from the other fancy-shaped diamonds with regards to sparkle. With a trendy and modern appearance, princess stones have gained traction for contemporary engagement rings.

Round versus Princess Cuts: Sparkle and Brilliance

These two diamonds are cut for the maximum possible sparkle and brilliance. In other words, skilled gemstone workers try to achieve as much shine and brilliance as possible in the cutting and polishing stage.

However, the round-cut diamond performs better than the princess when it comes to both shine and brilliance. This is because of light physics, plus it is in the nature of the styles of cutting.

A well-cut brilliant diamond can reflect the bulk of the light that enters it, which gives the stone its bright and scintillating appearance. Conversely, the princess diamond that is cut in the best possible way cannot reflect as much of the natural light as the round brilliant stone can.

So for a diamond that has the best shine, you might have to select the round shape over the princess cut stone. However, a diamond purchase is not all about choosing what looks the most beautiful. You will also have to consider the price to make a more informed decision.

Round Cut Vs Princess Cut
Criteria Round Cut Princess Cut
Size More Less
Clarity Expose inclusions Hide inclusions
Price More Less
Brilliance More Less
Durability More Less

Round versus Princess Cuts: Value and Pricing

When the other characteristics of the stones are comparable, choosing a round diamond will cost you more. It is pricier than a princess cut one because of the amount of rough material lost in the above mentioned stage. To achieve the round shape, more of the rough diamond should be cut off, and a skilled professional is required for this job. Both these factors, namely better skilled labor and more scrap material, influence the eventual price of the round gemstone.

Conversely, as mentioned above, the princess diamond is modified from the round brilliant one, so it does not take just as much labor or material to achieve its shape. This is why princess diamonds cost buyers much lesser money per carat than their round counterparts.

The former could be between 20% and 35% more affordable than the latter. The differences in the price would widen more at bigger carat weights and higher clarity/color grades.

Round versus Princess Cuts: Durability and Setting

As the round cut diamonds does not have any angles, they will not catch on clothes or other objects. In addition, you need not worry if the stone will chip, in the case of round cut diamonds. However, the case with princess cut diamonds is very different. These stones have sharp corners making them really vulnerable, compromising the quality of the same, making round cut diamonds more durable.

Both round cut and princess cut stones have different unique value propositions. Owing to its square-like or linear appearance, a princess diamond is a better fit for a more intricate ring design such as three-stone setting or channel setting.

Conversely, round brilliant diamonds are traditional and timeless choices for wedding bands and engagement rings. These diamonds have unparalleled performance if cut well, plus they can complement almost every kind of hand shape.

Ultimately, the jewelry taste as well as personality of your intended should help determine which cut to select for her. When choosing between different diamond cuts, you should consider these two aspects of your lady-love. Is she is a more traditional girl? If yes, she would like a classic cut such as the round brilliant. Is she a modern girl? If so, you would want to buy her a more modern engagement ring such as the one set with the princess diamond cut. No matter which cut best suits your fiancée, at RockHer you can customize your own design with the help of professional jewelers.