Diamond Cut Quality
Diamond Cut Quality
Diamond Cut Quality

If you are planning on putting a ring on your partner’s finger, not just any ring will do. About three-quarters of all diamonds sold in the world are round brilliant cuts, but many brides prefer fancy cuts, which include any shape other than a round brilliant. However, there is a vast world of gem cuts to be discovered, and they aren’t limited to diamonds.

There is a wide range of diamond cuts and most of them have high diamond cut quality and grades.

Here are some of the different types of diamond cuts that are not well-known.

The Endless Cut

This diamond cut is very new and is often considered an understated engineering marvel. There are no visible metal prongs in this ring as opposed to those found in a solitaire. Each piece is made specifically for the person who will be wearing it.

The Rough Cut

Unprocessed, rough gemstones are a sight to behold. They’re earthy, full of personality, and some believe they possess mystical properties. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are hexagonal in shape, while diamonds are octahedral by nature. Rough stone rings, when well-designed, are a versatile and fashionable option.

The Sugarloaf Cut

With its sweet name derived from the sugar cube’s forerunner, this antique non-faceted cut is a variation on the cabochon cut. The cut used on colored gems to bring out the richness of their hues is called a sugarloaf, and it has a square base with four tapering sides that resemble a mountain.

The Trilliant Cut

The trilliant cut has all the radiance of a round brilliant, but it’s shaped differently. These unusual shapes are frequently used in eternity rings or as decorative accent stones. In 1962, the Henry Meyer Diamond Company in New York developed trilliants. In Amsterdam in 1978, Leon Finker created trilliants, which have rounded sides.

The Embrace Cut

The Embrace diamond cut was invented by India’s diamond king, Nirav Modi. It’s a stretchy, flexible metal band with about 90 moving parts and diamonds embedded in it. This one won’t shrink or grow on you.

The Radiant Cut

Radiant cuts are square or rectangular and have a lot of fire, making them ideal if you want the brilliance of a round but prefer the emerald shape. A radiant is very much like a princess cut, but it’s much shinier and has cropped corners on the ends. They also enhance color, making them an excellent choice for colored diamonds.