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Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles

Diamond rings are often bought for their brilliance. People want their diamond rings to exhibit high brilliance and sparkle. If you want to get the most sparkle for your ring, then there are some specific designs for you to seek. The following are some of the best designs that can give you high brilliance.

Choose A Halo Ring

A halo ring will have small accent stones covering the center stone. This will offer a bigger look to your diamond ring. Also, the sparkle created by all these stones will increase the overall brilliance of your ring. It is more affordable than getting a ring with a big center stone. This will give a bigger illusion for your ring at the most affordable rates. This design suits all diamond cut styles thereby creating a perfect option for you to experiment with.

Get A Three-Stone Design

A three-stone ring will have a big center stone and two side stones. These stones will be set in a way to complement each other. Hence, it can help to increase the sparkle of the ring. This is a popular design that is chosen by a lot of people who want their ring to be shiny.

Add Stones On The Band

By adding stones to your band, you will be able to increase the sparkle of your ring. You can choose a pave ring that will have small stones embedded in the band. This can create an illusion that your band is made of diamonds. This will also increase the brilliance and sparkle of your center diamond thereby enhancing the appeal of your ring.

Choose Side Stones

Adding side stones to your ring can also be useful for you to increase the brilliance of your ring. You can add two or four side stones along with your center stone. This can be a great help for you to make your ring stunning and shiny.

Get A Split-Shank Design

Here, the shank will split into two, giving an elegant and delicate look for your ring. You can embed the band with small stones for accentuating the look of the ring and increasing the shine.

Pick A Cluster Ring

In a cluster ring, there will be a large number of small stones instead of a big center stone. This will be more affordable than a big stone. Also, it can add more sparkle to your ring. This is a cost-effective option to choose if you want better brilliance from your ring.

The diamond ring shapes and styles listed above are a great option for people who want maximum brilliance and sparkle for their ring.