Deep Cut Diamond
Types Of Diamond Cuts

Cut, clarity, color and carat are the four important factors that decide the quality of a diamond. We all might have come across these terms in our life if we have ever tried to purchase a diamond. Actually, these four words are just a path towards the broad variety of diamonds. Keeping everything aside, we will now talk about the cut in a diamond.

The cut is a design or style in which the craftsman shapes the diamond. There are different types of diamond cuts or designs used in diamonds and some of the top diamond cuts are as follows.

Round Cut 

It is one of the most common diamond cuts. Almost 75 percent of the diamonds sold in the world are round shaped or round cut diamonds. It is commonly used for jewelry making as it provides a more sparkling effect than any other diamonds. Since it has 58 facets, it reflects more light than any other shape of diamonds.

Princess Cut

It is one of the most common shapes of stone used in making engagement rings. These diamonds will cost much lesser than a round cut diamond since it has lesser facets than a round cut one. These types are commonly used in combination with other types of diamonds in making jewelry.

Oval Cut

It is a modified version of the round cut diamonds. It possesses the same number of facets like that of a round cut and is also one of the top diamond cuts in the world. The main difference between an oval and round cut diamonds is that, oval cut diamonds will have exactly 58 facets while the same in round cut diamonds vary from 57 to 58 in different cases.

Pear Cut

As visually evident, it is a combination of both round and marques cut diamonds, and it is one of the most distinct designs in diamonds. These diamonds come in several varieties, from slim to wide and with a different number of facets. These are also available in different sizes and the utility of these diamonds differs with sizes

There are many other cuts in diamonds that are popularly available in the market. Since the cut is one of the factors that determine the quality of a diamond, the different cuts will provide different value to a diamond. The cuts are also important because each cut will provide different aesthetic beauty to the stone.