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Choosing diamond wedding rings will be easier than that of diamond engagement rings since the latter is likely to be a joint task. So, you can choose the ring that defines you in the best way possible. However, one of the main things that you must never overlook when choosing your diamond bands is the diamond ring cuts. After all, it plays a huge role when it comes to light performance and, thereby, the sparkle of the diamonds.

Besides, millennial couples are going saga over unique wedding diamond sets that mark the union of partner just perfectly. Some of those amazing options for couple diamond rings that you may consider are given below.

Fingerprint wedding bands

One of the most popular options, in this case, is a fingerprint wedding band set. You can engrave your fingerprint either on the outer or inner band based on your personal preference. One of the trending designs includes a fingerprint ring set that is engraved in a way that it forms a perfect heart when kept together. Additionally, encrust a small diamond that features the top diamond cuts at the center in order to add to the overall bling factor.

Heartbeat wedding ring

Another romantic way to mark your eternal union with your partner is a heartbeat wedding ring set. Here, the pattern of your heartbeat will be engraved on your band. The ring engraved with the heartbeat of the bride will be worn by the groom and vice versa. This is a cute reminder that your heart is no longer yours. Just like fingerprint rings, you can engrave the design either on ten outer or inner band of the rings. Besides, randomly add tiny diamonds to lift the overall appeal of the bands.

Wood inlaid wedding rings

Another unique option for couple wedding diamond bands is wood inlay designs. As the name indicates, the metal bands in usual rings are replaced with appealing wood inlays here. Make sure the secure the inlays using durable metals. Furthermore, wood inlays are available in plenty of options such as ebony, oak, Cocobolo, etc. In this type it of rings, diamonds will be usually glued in. Hence, make sure not to wear it when indulging in strenuous activities or the chores that include water or heat since it is likely to melt the glue. However, flaunting such spellbinding diamond rings will be a great way to turn heads and stand out from the rest of the crowd.