Diamond Cut Shapes
Diamond Cut Shapes
Diamond Cut Shapes

If you are looking to purchase diamond jewelry like rings, you must have heard that fancy cut diamonds are cheaper than round-cut diamonds. So, it is common for people to wonder how the price of these stones is influenced by their shape. Buyers need to know how diamond cut shapes influence the price and face-up size. You must also keep in mind that the carat weight and size of the stones are not related to each other; many first-time buyers confuse them. Read on to know the relationship between diamond shapes and price.

How Should You Compare Between Different Types Of Diamond Cuts?

Some of the factors that you must consider when comparing diamond cuts are the cost, face-up size, carat, color, clarity, and potential for chipping or its durability. However, the most important quality that most buyers consider is whether the shape of the stone suits the wearer. Hence, remember that the quality of diamond shape is a subjective factor.

How Does Diamond Shape Affect Price?

Among the different diamond cut shapes, the round-cut has premium pricing. Remember that, often fancy cut shapes are priced 10-43% lower than round cuts. The main reason for this difference in pricing is because there is more loss in the rough stone material during the cutting process of round-cut diamonds.

How Does Diamond Shape Affect Face-Up Size?

Some fancy-cut diamonds appear larger than round cuts with similar carat weight. Pear, oval, marquise, and emerald cuts appear larger because of their elongated shape. Likewise, princess, cushion, and radiant cuts have a similar effect. One of the main reasons for this is that their diagonal length is longer than the round cut’s diameter. Finally, when you consider the face-up size, marquise diamonds are about 15% larger than round-cut diamonds.

Round-Cut Diamonds

Round-cut diamonds are popular among buyers due to their superior brilliance and sparkle. Because of this, they have higher demand, and hence they are expensive.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

The princess cut is popular for its brilliance and elegant beauty. Besides, they appear larger than round-cuts and are cheaper.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds have the most brilliance, and their elongated shape makes them look larger than round-cuts. Along with this, they are 10-30% cheaper than rounds.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds have excellent fire, they are durable because of their rounded corners, and they are 25-42% cheaper than rounds with similar carat weight. Furthermore, they are one of the oldest diamond cuts.

We hope that the details shared above clarified your doubts about the relationship between diamond shapes and price.