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For centuries, women have dreamed of a dazzling diamond ring that shines on their dainty finger. However, millennials sort of changed perceptions about diamond size and styles. Lately, they have been searching for something different from the traditional solitaire engagement ring, such as one with Art Deco styles or colored gemstones. Studies have also shown that millennials are choosing smaller diamonds and gemstones than ever before, and that awareness of ethical and lab-made diamonds are more among them.

Some couples are choosing salt and pepper diamonds as well. Is “salt and pepper” an official term? Not quite, but it is certainly a trendy one. These are anything but diamonds discarded by jewelers and brides because of significant flaws inside. In fact, most diamonds have some sort of internal flaw or the other, but these are so small that these cannot be seen with the unaided eye. With salt and pepper diamonds, these internal flaws are not just large and visible, but these also affect the overall appearance of the gemstone. A salt and pepper diamond is also known as an “imperfect” diamond.

Basically, a salt and pepper diamond does not glisten like its perfect counterparts do because the light refracted through the stone’s interior is less. Rather, it has a sort of mottled appearance that is grayish and white-ish in parts, and sparkle in some areas under appropriate lighting. A salt and pepper diamond is totally unique. If you have a thing for all things unique, it is right up your alley.

It is to be noted that not all love salt and pepper diamonds equally. For some strange reasons, it is unique yet not as coveted as some of the other diamonds are. Some people have a craving for certain diamond cut styles, others like fluorescence more. If you like the salt and pepper look of the stone, then you are that odd one out. Chances are you like all things non-traditional.

If you are that sort of a person, then fork out for a salt and pepper diamond ring, and stand out from the sea of sparkle on your engagement day. Brides are certainly choosing the imperfect stone for more reasons than its one-of-a-kind appearance. Besides being unique, these stones are a lot of cheaper than the perfectly cut and polished diamonds that you see shining on everyone else’s ring.