Diamond Cuts And Shapes
Diamond Cut Tips

We know for a fact that “round brilliant” is the best diamond cut ever and that “Flawless” is possibly the best clarity grade. A diamond’s color and carat weight are subjective, up to one’s personal preference that is. However, is there such thing as the worst diamond as far as value for money is concerned? Yes and No. Maybe we will be able to tackle that question by looking at the worst in all characteristics.

It is such a loaded question to answer. However, it can be said that the worst diamond is one with a combination of some of or all of these worst factors. While the choice of color and fluorescence are subjective, you can still consider avoiding the following ones.

The Worst Diamond Cut

The worst cut, as determined by the cut standards of the GIA, is “Poor”. As the name implies, a “poor cut” diamond lacks the brilliance, sparkle and fire. It looks dull, dark, and lifeless to the naked eye.

The Worst Diamond Clarity

The worst clarity grade of any diamond would be “I3”. These diamonds have inclusions, or internal flaws which are visible to the untrained eye. You will not miss these imperfections.

The Worst Diamond Color

Some people are fine with having some visible flaws in the stone. However, others feel a “Low Color” makes it less desirable.

Take a diamond with “P” color grading, for instance. It has a tinge of yellow, and looks dingy.

Some would not be caught rocking such a diamond on their fingers. The lowest diamond color grade, which you can find is “Z”. That is extremely yellow. How yellowish can you afford to go?

The Worst Fluorescence

While not all diamonds that fluoresce appear ugly, some do. Fluorescence can make some diamonds look foggy, cloudy, or call it hazy if you will. Not all diamonds fluoresce, but some do, and even in those, there are some that look very blue-ish under UV light.

Yet again, other things such as a thick girdle or a big culet can affect the beauty of a diamond.

Some feel that an extremely small carat weight is possibly the worst they can find in the market. However, that is not necessarily true. Even a small diamond can sparkle better than a one with a bigger carat size.