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Most people that have purchased diamonds, understand the need for a knowledgeable and discerning outlook when you walk into a jewelry store. With the variety of diamond cuts, shapes, and sizes available in today’s market, it is alarmingly easy to go wrong where diamond purchases are concerned. Add to that the fact that many salespeople try to push you towards heavier purchases, and the average consumer is justified in being wary.

A good diamond education is the best solution to this particular problem. As long as you know what you are looking at, and can make out its rough value on the market, it should be easy enough to tell whether it is right for you or your loved one. Sound knowledge about diamonds can help you choose among different stones based on their physical aspects such as color, clarity, and carat weight. As a bonus, you would also learn how to make use of revelatory tools such as diamond color charts, 360-degree videos, etc.

The facts and tips we provide on this blog include diamond industry news, different perspectives on the 4 C’s, emerging and extant fashion trends, and of course, ways to choose a stone based on specific preferences. No knowledge is ever completely irrelevant to any purchase you make, and for that reason, we leave few topics unexplored. For the reader, we serve up a trove of information that is both interesting and useful at once; it just makes sense for our experts to write that way.

Our aim from the start is to make sure you find selecting a diamond reasonably easy. Whether you want something plain in the form of a classic round-cut, solitaire diamond on a plain yellow gold band, or something more out-of-the-way like a pave-set platinum eternity band, choosing becomes a lot easier once you really understand the basics. With a deeper understanding of the vital aspects including the 4 C’s, you could manage to differentiate between stones based on quality at short notice; this would help tremendously when you or a loved one went in to buy something.

Set up as a guide for diamond consumers, this blog receives weekly posts from writers who are veterans in the diamond field, and who are eager to share what they know with people that are interested.