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When selecting your special engagement ring, one has to reflect one’s personality and the one which is in trend. However, there are certain meanings behind different diamonds that may also help you to select engagement rings. Additionally, choosing a perfect ring for your special day is deemed as the longest style of commitment one would ever make. That said, one would be lucky enough to go for the diamonds, as they are always in trend.

Round Brilliant Cut

The diamond with the most brilliance and sparkle is the round brilliant cut resulting to be the most expensive diamond ring cuts of all. Gorgeous ladies do adorn them for being in timeless and classic style. Those wishing to bring a traditional look out of their engagement can without any doubt opt for the round cut that possesses brilliant faceting. Beauties such as Allison Williams, Mirranda Kerr, Mila Kunis, Emily Blunt and Brooke Shields had worn round cuts.

Emerald Cut

Refinement and elegance are exuded by emerald cut diamond. Anyone wishing for an understated side may pick up the design with step-cut faceting. The emerald cut precious stones are most appropriate for those who are wishing to make anything edgy to the classic design along with their discerning taste. Noted celebrities adorning emerald cuts are Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Amal Clooney, Mariah Carey, and Olivia Wilde.

Oval Cut

Carried off gracefully by Kate Middleton, Julianne Hough, Serena Williams, Katie Holmes, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Lively, Oval cut diamond rings are those popular choices that have lately turned the most up-and-coming. These diamond shapes satisfy both the conditions of being classic and at the same time trendy too so it can be chosen by those with this kind of personality. Elegance is given a certain prominence when working with its aesthetics.

Princess Cut

Featuring beveled edges on all the four sides, Princess cut diamond comes in at a point just below the sparkly surface of the ring. The points are seldom like an upside-down pyramid in the square shaped stone. A princess cut diamond ring could be the perfect choice for those who are wishing to have an incredible sparkle also by being modern with the pointed edges, unlike the round brilliant cut. Additionally, a contemporary appeal is also attained by them along with its clean lines.

Cushion Cut

These diamond cuts are known to be trendy and feminine that is Worn perfectly by celebrities such as Leighton Meester Kim Kardashian Gabrielle UnionSofia Vergara and Bar Refaeli, as all of them has this said personality.

Asscher Cut

Old world sophistication is brought about by the octagonal and short Asscher cut diamonds. All the while, a retro look is carried off quite brilliantly in the cut. For this very same reason, they have gravitated towards those ladies who prefer antique designs. Rather than a faceting of brilliant cut, these diamonds enhance step cut faceting that is way much elegant and understated. Furthermore, a unique Art Deco feel is experienced by adorning Asscher cut diamonds, which was the hallmark of the 1920s and 1930s. They are embellished by GwenythPaltrow, Jessica Alba, Pippa Middleton,and ZooeyDeschanel.

Marquise Cut

Ornamented by Ashlee Simpson Ross, Christina Milian,and Portia de Rossi, Marquise cut diamond is known for its elegance. Shaped like a hull of a ship at the pointed ends of its major oval shape, the term for such diamonds was taken from French, which means ‘little boat’. They are also termed as Navette cut diamond. Diamond buyers who want to appear their hands elongated can select the Marquise cut diamond Ring.

Heart- Shaped Ring Cut

Although the heart shaped cut is the sweetest of all the diamond cuts, they still continue to be a bold choice as an engagement ring in accordance with the rarity of such cuts. Obviously, these adorable diamonds is a real standout from the common crowd, so are furbish by someone like a Lady Gaga!

Radiant Cut

The octagonal diamond cut possesses almost a 70 light reflecting facets resulting as a decent dazzler. At some point, the radiant cut diamonds are similar to the emerald cut. Those who prefer these cuts can tend to be outgoing and bubbly. The best examples of such ladies could be KhloeKardashian, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Aniston. Besides, those who wish to adorn anything with a lot of flash and sparkle can embrace Radiant cut Diamond.

Pear-shaped Cut

The teardrop diamonds are worn with the motive of making your fingers elongated most charmingly. However, while opting for an engagement ring, pear cut diamonds are a rarity. Those bold ladies who think out of the box pick out these cuts and never wish to be look alike anyone else. Pear diamonds are worn by Anna Kournikova, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Katherine Heigl, Mia Farrow and KaleyCuoco.