Diamond Cut Shapes

Among all the available diamond designs, two popular fancy diamond shapes other than the round are the Asscher and the emerald cuts. The term “fancy diamond” is used to define the wide and complete range of shapes other than round. It was introduced in order to expand the diamond market and promote more shapes besides the common round brilliant. The latter have dominated most of the market, but there are shapes like the Asscher and the Emerald cuts which have become more and more popular. Below is a discussion regarding diamond cut shapes of Asscher and emerald.

Both the Asscher and emerald shapes are called ‘step cut’ diamonds. To be able to step cut a diamond, the facets must have straight lines that trace parallel to the sides of the diamond. Numerous celebrities flaunt emerald and Asscher cut diamonds; BeyoncĂ©, Elizabeth Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Amal Clooney are just a few of them. These two precious stone shapes are cherished for their vintage shine and timeless attraction. They look lovely not only set in an engagement ring, but also set in an eternity band.

The Shape

The primary distinction between an Asscher- and emerald-cut jewel is the profile of the stone. Emerald cuts are known for their prolonged rectangular shape. This shape works wonderfully to make a long, slim appearance for the finger. By far, most of the emerald slices have their length-to-width proportions somewhere in the range of 1:1.3 and 1:1.5, with 1:1.4 being the most well-known. Asscher cuts are referred to as the square cousin of the emerald cut. While Asscher jewels are sliced to get an ideal square, they regularly look increasingly like an octagon with their trimmed corners. Asscher-cut precious stones initially gained popularity in the 1920s, and are currently a profitable choice for people looking for a vintage, Art Deco look.

The Cut

Both Asscher- and emerald-cut diamonds are characterized by the step cut. This cut is only applicable to a rectangular or square shape. Furthermore, for a diamond to undergo a step cut, the facets must comprise of straight lines that are parallel to the sides of the diamond. From that point, the cuts contrast. The Asscher has bigger step facets, a taller crown, and a little table when compared to the emerald, which makes it the more splendid cut among the two. The more extended, open table of the emerald cut diamonds gives it a rich, classy appearance.

Consider the above important factors regarding the Asscher and emerald diamonds before buying a diamond with either of these cuts.