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There is actually a close relationship between the wedding band and the wedding. You would be able to see wedding bands in almost all cultures. However, it is said that the wedding band was first introduced by the ancient Egyptians. They used to wear the wedding band on the ring finger of their left hand, as they believed the finger to have a vain that goes straight to the heart.

Exchanging the wedding bands has become a customary practice at the present times. You would also be able to find a number of bands featuring a variety of styles and different diamond shape types. All these things made the wedding ring the major focus of the wedding ceremony. Even men are looking out for new ring styles and trends these days. In fact, you would be able to find a large number of men’s designer wedding bands today, like the black diamond wedding bands.

The wedding bands made from black diamond could really create a masculine and classic band design. You could create both modern and casual black diamond rings depending on the variations in the setting style. White diamonds really gives a formal look to your ring, while black diamond acts as neutral gem choice. You could also choose a black diamond for a formal style. This black hue of the diamond would actually give a sleek and modern touch to your ring. Below is a list of awesome black diamond styles and ring designs.

Black Diamond Carbon Fiber Ring

This is an awesome contemporary ring, which is made up of black diamond as the center stone of a band made from carbon fiber. The main focus of this ring would be its black color. The carbon fiber is actually the material used in aerospace engineering and for creating race cars. This is really a wonderful ring metal choice if you desire an unusual ring design.

Ring Design

Black diamond rings would look fantastic if the ring features bolder designs. Adding a modern cross to the ring could emphasize your religious beliefs and heritage. A single black diamond could be seen attached to the center of the cross in these ring designs, which tend to make the ring more attractive and eye-catching. The metal of the band used here is cobalt; other metallic choices would also work very well for this awesome band.

Silver Band with Black Diamonds

A silver band could give a perfect background to a black diamond. The silver and black color could also add a modern vibe to the ring. One of the interesting characteristics of the black color is that it could be paired splendidly with any metal color. This ring is made up of a combination of for both casual and modern design. The focal point of the ring would be the line of black diamond running halfway by the center of the ring.

Intergalactic Black Diamonds

The combination of the Gibeon meteorite with a brushed yellow gold metal would absolutely look phenomenal. This, in fact, would prove to be a charming multi-textured design. The ring also comprises of small black diamonds, which glints along the meteorite metal. Furthermore, since the meteorite crashed on earth millions of years ago, it would symbolize everlasting love. Another interpretation for this ring is that the wearer of the ring is literally out of this world.

Black Zirconium

You could absolutely add a black touch to your ring by choosing black zirconium with a hammered finish for the wedding band. The hammered finish could make your ring look more beautiful and you could find interesting bumps and dents in the ring making it look more refined and stylish. This unique ring also features a row of diamonds that encircle the ring along its center.

Dark Knight Ring Design

The chain mail, which is a kind of armor worn by the knights on their body, is what (hypothetically) kept knights safe during battle. At present, this unique metal could be used as an awesome centerpiece for the rings. The beauty of this wedding band is made complete by adding rows of black diamond along the edges of the ring. This ring would be an awesome choice for a Goth groom.

Black Diamond Tungsten Band

A shiny tungsten band would be perfect for showcasing the row of black diamonds set on the ring. This ring typically features a formal design and the black gemstones could be seen at the center of the ring within a channel setting. The light that is falling on tungsten is reflected back giving the ring a lustrous appearance. This would also put much of the focus on the array of black diamond that lies within the ring. The ring truly has a masculine appeal.