Diamond Cut Shapes
Diamond Cut Shapes
Diamond Cut Shapes

Buying diamonds require a lot of time and effort. You may have to do weeks of research to find out the right engagement ring for your loved one. Some people take extra effort to choose diamond-cut shapes that reflect the unique personality of their loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the different diamond cut and shapes and their symbolic meanings.


The heart is the universal symbol for love and it is the best choice for an engagement ring for romantic people. The heart shape diamond symbolizes the emotional, sensitive, affectionate, thoughtful, and feminine personality of the wearer. According to expert jewelers, the best characteristics of a heart-shaped diamond comes through when it is surrounded by several smaller accent stones.


When you see someone wearing a pear-shaped diamond, that means they are adventurous, passionate, romantic, and have exquisite taste. The pear-shaped diamond looks like a drop of crystalized water. This popular diamond shape is often used in rings and solitaire necklaces. One of the main advantages of a pear-shaped diamond is that it makes your diamond appear longer and more feminine. If you have small or average-length fingers, them pear-shaped diamond ring is the best choice for you.


According to experts, the radiant cut is the hybrid between round cut and princess cut diamonds. If you are choosing a radiant cut diamond ring, it says you are sentimental, flirty, and even-tempered. In addition to rings, radiant cut diamonds are also used in various other jewelry, like earrings and pendants. One benefit of the radiant cut diamond is that it can be combined with other diamonds in three-stone and multi-stone settings.


Emerald-cut diamonds are very popular among people these days. These diamonds come in a rectangular shape. This diamond shape symbolizes classy, charming, confident, and straightforward personalities. Recently, many Hollywood celebrities are seen wearing this unique diamond in many red-carpet events.


Most romantic people are choosing princess-cut diamonds these days. For both modern engagement and traditional ring designs, princess cut diamonds are a great choice. If you like being in the limelight, no other diamond shape can help you in that. If you like wearing princess cut diamonds, it means that you are organized, sensible, bold, and fun-loving.


Round brilliant-cut diamonds are one of the most fashionable diamonds in the world. If you are dependable, empathetic, faithful, honest, and trustworthy, then a round cut diamond is more suitable for you. Among all the other diamond shapes, a round cut has the most fire and brilliance.