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Among the various types of diamond cuts, Radiant Diamond Cut is the one which gained much popularity in very less time. The cut is only 39 year old in the diamond industry but is widely found in wedding and engagement rings. It is still considered as one of the more brilliant diamond cut shapes and is now in the top ten most common diamond cuts.

History behind the Radiant Cut

 It is Henry Grossbard, a master diamond cutter who had the experience of thirty years who came up with the Radiant Cut. He had the thought to combine the best features of the emerald cut and the round brilliant cut to make a new diamond cut. The result was the Radiant diamond cut. His aim was to make a new diamond cut which will reveal the full potential of the brilliance of a diamond. Thus he came up with the radiant cut which had the long elegant shape of the emerald cut and also the fiery facets of the round brilliant cut.

Though usually the radiant cuts are rectangular like the emerald cut, sometimes it can be square like, resembling the cushion cut diamond. But it is easy to differentiate between the two because the radiant cut has more facets and high sparkle.

Celebrated Radiant Cuts

 Because of the indisputable beauty of the radiant diamond cut, it is used by many celebrities around the world.

  • Drew Barrymore: Will Kopelman’s engagement ring for Drew Barrymore was a 4-carat colorless radiant cut diamond in a French- set band which was covered with diamonds.
  • Jennifer Lopez: It was Ben Affleck who gifted Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1 carat rare pink radiant cut diamond worth around 2.5 million.
  • Khloe Kardashian: She received a 12.5 carat radiant stunner when proposed by Lamar Odom.
  • Megan Fox: To replace the lost proposal ring, Brian Austin Green gave a 3 carat platinum radiant cut diamond ring to Megan.

Radiant Cut Diamonds Placement

 Depending on the type of Radiant cut, you can use it on your ring, earring or on your necklace. The rectangular shaped radiant cut diamond can be easily included on your wedding band or engagement band. The best way to use the square shaped radiant cut diamond is on the solitaire earrings. The rectangular radiant cut diamond looks beautiful when placed on a necklace. Since its release in 1977, radiant cut diamond rings are widely accepted and used by people.