Different Diamond Cuts
Diamond Cut Quality

The cut of a diamond is an important factor that decides the quality as well as the value of a diamond. It also has a great impact on the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. Hence, a high diamond cut quality is desired by all.

Diamond cut refers to the arrangement of facets in a diamond and their number and proportions. If all these features are perfect, then the cut will be called an ideal-cut. The diamonds can be cut in different shapes including round, oval, pear, heart, rectangular, etc. The arrangement of facets and their proportions will be different for each shape.

What is an ideal-cut diamond?

The most desirable features of a diamond are its brilliance and sparkle. These features are created by a diamonds ability to reflect and refract the light entering the stone. This property is greatly affected by the arrangement of facets on the diamond; therefore, the cut is a significant factor that is responsible for creating brilliance in a diamond.

If the cut of a diamond allows maximum light to enter the stone, and helps to reflect the light in the most efficient way so that the stone can produce maximum brilliance, then it can be referred to as an ideal-cut. This term is commonly associated with round brilliant diamonds as they are the stones that exhibit maximum brilliance and sparkle.

Diamonds with ideal-cut will have more value; hence they will be more costly. The closer the cut is to ideal, the more expensive the stone will be.

What is a deep cut diamond?

The ideal-cut defines the optimal depth and width of a round diamond. If the depth of the stone is too deep when compared to its width, then the stone is said to have a deep cut.

Is deep cut problematic?

Stones with deep cut deviate from the ideal measurement that is defined by an ideal-cut. Hence, their ability to reflect light will be less than ideal-cut diamonds. Hence, the stone will have lower brightness and look dull. Also, stones with deep cut will look smaller than stones with ideal-cut of the same carat weight as their width is sacrificed to increase the depth.

Shallow cut diamonds

If the diamond is too wide when compared to its depth, then it is said to have a shallow cut. Sometimes, if the cut is too shallow, then these diamonds will be called spread diamonds.

Diamonds are mainly cut in this way to give them a bigger appearance. However, it will reduce their ability to reflect the light entering them. Hence, their brilliance and sparkle will be also low.