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Some of the antique jewelry pieces are embedded with the old cut diamonds. It is necessary to know the essential features of an old cut diamond so that you will be able to identify it when you see one. In the present day, most of the old cut diamonds available are actually the recycled form of older jewelry pieces. The original old cut diamonds with high clarity are usually re-cut into more brilliant cuts so as to get higher prices.

What is an Old Cut Diamond

Most of the diamonds cut before the 18th century, are termed as old cut diamonds. These diamonds usually have a square shape, looking similar to the present day cushion cut diamonds. The old European cut diamonds had rounder shape with a different arrangement of facets. Some of the old cut diamonds are also called as Victorian diamonds.

Features of an Old Cut Diamond

The most common features of old cut diamonds include deeply cut proportions (diamonds appear thicker), and a higher and smaller upper facet. They are also characterized by a polished flat culet (bottom facet). This polished culet and the deep cut helps anyone to identify an old cut diamond.

It can be observed that today most of the round brilliant cut diamonds have uniform facets and accurate proportions. Though there are the Modern ‘old cut’ diamonds in market today, the overall proportions and finish are far different from the real old cut diamonds.

Many people who own old cut diamonds remodel it into some brilliant looking modern cuts.

Large Old Cut Diamonds

Most of the old cut diamonds are of large size. Some of them even weigh above 1 ct. weight. Most of the traders who own these large stones will send it to be re cut so that the value of the stone increases. This re-cutting process also increases the light handling capacity of the stone and improves the proportions of the stone.

Other Styles of Old Cut Diamonds

There are many diamond cuts which can be termed as old cut. The most important among these is the Rose Cut. There are both single and double Rose cuts. There are so many beautiful Rose cut diamonds. These diamonds allow much light to pass through it and hence there is no brilliance as in many other stones.

Old cut diamonds hold a prominent position in the history of the diamonds. It is a stone which is very important in the study of the development of different diamond cuts.