Different Diamond Cuts
The Different Cuts Of Diamonds
Top Diamond Cuts

Buying a bridal set is just like a life-long commitment. It will stay with your partner for a lifetime. Hence, it is highly important that you purchase something that is satisfying in all senses. This is to make sure that you do not wake up feeling regretful that you bought an unimpressive ring. This is why you need to look into the various options available to you in detail. This will ensure that you are content with your ring. Below is a comparison between the top diamond cuts – princess cut and round cut diamonds. This will give you a fair idea about both of these settings before you go ahead and make the purchase.

Among the different cuts of diamonds, the round cut and the princess cut diamonds are the most popular ones today. These are available in abundance as well. The round cut diamonds are the most popular ones, traditionally. In fact, three-fourths of all diamonds sold in the US are round cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are comparatively recent and offer a more edgy and modern look. Needless to say, both designs are very beautiful indeed. So there are a few things, which you have to consider before you make the investment in any one of these.

Round Cut Diamonds

These were first created by Marcel Tolkowsky in the year 1919. Round brilliant cut diamonds have always been popular among engagement ring designs for their classy and elegant appeal. In the creation process, Tolkowsky employed advanced mathematical formulae and concepts to maximize the attributes of sparkle and brilliance. Since then, these designs have been the golden standard for brilliance and sparkle of diamonds.

A round shaped diamond has 58 facets and maintains the weight of the carat pretty well. The symmetry of the shape captures the light beautifully and reflects it back in captivating brilliance. In fact, the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond are unmatched. Moreover, the advancement of technology has meant that even smaller diamonds are able to produce an impressive amount of light dispersion, and hence, they also look equally beautiful. Due to their clean-cut edges, they are also not prone to catch on to the edges of your dress.

Round cut diamonds are available in a variety of settings. One of their most popular versions is the solitaire setting. They are also popular with a two stone or three stone ring setting, because of their brilliance that has the advantage of hiding the flaws in the stone perfectly. Note that loose round diamond rings are available online as well, so they are easy to afford for those on a tight budget too.

Princess Cut Diamonds

These are square and rectangular shaped diamond rings. This type of diamonds was introduced by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzel Ambar in the year 1980. Although relatively a new design, they are the second most popular cut behind the traditional round cut diamonds today.

There are two types of princess cut diamonds – brilliant cut and radiant cut. Remember that the brilliance and fire of the stone will be maximum if the setting is a brilliant cut. Choosing this cut will maximize the chances of your diamond giving off an unmatched sparkle. In fact, selecting a brilliant cut princess engagement ring will help you get the kind of brilliance that is found in round cut diamonds.

Note that square princess diamond rings are much more affordable than the brilliant diamonds. They are priced much lower in terms of the price per carat than the round cut diamonds. Yet remember that the more square the design is, the higher the price of the diamond goes. Yet, if the shape of the diamond is rectangular, it gets cheaper.

One downside to princess cut diamonds is that they are more likely to show imperfections and flaws in the stone. However, this can be concealed perfectly with the right ring settings. Besides, you need to make sure to look for a certified cut diamond to ensure that you get a good quality princess cut diamond. This is sure to be more sparkly, brilliant, and fiery than a stone of lesser value.

Princess cut diamonds are compatible with both four-pronged and six-pronged settings; the larger ones go especially well with the six-pronged ones. They can be set in tension setting too, which gives an impression of a floating diamond on the ring.

The Better Choice

Both round diamonds and princess cut diamonds offer numerous benefits. Round cut diamonds are brilliant and handle light better, resulting in a stunning sparkle. On the other hand, princess cut may be the choice if you are conscious of your budget. Experts equivocally agree that it is important not to compromise on the cut quality while comparing both types of diamonds. In this regard, the better choice to sacrifice would be the color or clarity. So it all boils down to your personal taste to choose one among the two.