Top Diamond Cuts
Important Diamond Facts

Flattering and classic, the emerald-shaped diamond offers much more value compared to other cuts. It is one of the top diamond cuts, known for the following features.

  • Rectangle Table Cut

A step diamond cut has the look of stairs, which is an architectural feature that makes the emerald sparkler a popular choice for Art Deco rings. This cut gets rid of the least material required from the rock and thus the rectangle appearance becomes more interesting.

  • Symmetry

The emerald appears an evenly shaped cut from all angles.

  • Depth

When you look into the depth of the stone, put face-up, it is similar to looking quickly down a hallway fitted with mirrors. The depth causes all facets of it to look some distance apart. The emerald stone has 58 facets, 25 of which on the bottom half, 25 more on its crown, and the rest 8 on its girdle.

How to Know Whether it is Right for your Fiancée

The emerald diamond shape epitomizes old Hollywood glamour, and it is one of the favorites among celebrities and debutantes. Fortunately, for commoners, any design of engagement ring setting will do thanks in parts to its classic nature and affordability.

The stone has to be set in four metal claws to make sure that it stays anchored. Then, the design choices are endless. You will think that you have made the engagement ring on your own when you select the setting, diamond accents, and what sort of metal band to fit your lover’s lifestyle the best way. When you make all these choices, the ring designer will have little else do except put your vision into practice.

Whatever your to-be wife’s style, the shape maximizes your resources.

Fun Fact: the Shape for Fans of Baz Luhrmann’s “the Great Gatsby”

If your fiancée is an admirer of this film, based on the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an emerald diamond engagement ring maybe your best option for her. In the Art Deco period of the 1930’s, the style changed from flowing Art Nouveau jewelry to an altogether different look. This design period valued clean lines, geometric shapes and symmetry in art, architecture, fashion and fine jewelry. When sophisticated Great Gatsby-inspired glamour was appearing on the movie screens and beyond, jewelry businesses followed suit and customers took notice.