Different Kinds Of Diamond Cuts
Diamond Selection Tips

There are different kinds of diamond cuts and ring designs available in the market. However, not every diamond ring cut will be equally suitable or flattering enough for all the brides. Thankfully, there are many ways, with which you can choose the perfect diamond ring cut and shape for your finger. Below are some of those useful tips that will save a lot of your time that you will otherwise have to waste trying out different rings.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Diamond Ring

The first thing that you must know is that there is a secret formula for choosing the right diamond ring. Here, you will have to mainly consider the size and type of your finger as well as the overall size of your hand. Additionally, look for the details such as the size and shape of the center diamond, diamond setting of your ring, and its overall size.

Apart from this, the length and shape of your nails as well plays a major role in the overall appeal of diamond rings on your fingers. Note that longer nails will make your fingers look elongated. Furthermore, consider your lifestyle as well while choosing your ring. Note that simple settings such as prong, pave, etc., are not recommended for people who lead an active lifestyle. In short, the formula claims that a perfect ring is the one in which your finger shape, ring type, and your style complement each other.

Diamond Ring Cuts and Shapes for Different Finger Types

Half your issue is solved if you have elongated fingers because most of the diamond ring types will be ideal to flatter long fingers. Still, the ultimate options that will look extremely beautiful on long fingers will be princess cut and round-shaped diamonds. In case you have really long fingers, you can consider wider bands in order to complement your finger length. Bold styles will also look stunning on long fingers. However, go for it only if your personality and lifestyle suits such diamond ring styles.

Slender fingers itself will be really appealing, but there are certain points that you must keep in mind while choosing your diamond rings. The main factor is the size of your ring; choose a diamond ring size or shape that does not overpower your finger. In fact, you must choose diamonds that will make your fingers look wider. Smaller stones and wider bands will be perfect in order to achieve this objective. When it comes to the perfect diamond ring shapes, elongated marquise or pear shape will do the job.