Different Diamond Cuts
Different Diamond Cuts
Different Diamond Cuts

There are so many different diamond cuts that are popular among people all over the world. However, not all of them can be considered as rare. There are some diamond cuts that are not very popular among people but still have some unique properties that make them better than most fancy cut diamonds. Some of these rare diamonds are patented and sold exclusively by some diamond brands.

Here are some of the rare diamond cut styles that are getting popular among people these days.

Eighty-Eight Cut

This diamond cut is getting widely popular among people who often wear rings for good fortune. This is mainly because of the belief among Asians that the number 8 can bring good fortune. In Chinese sounds, the number 8 is similar to power, wealth, and good fortune in life. As the name suggests, the Eighty-Eight cut has 88 facets. The main feature of this diamond cut is its octagonal shape and also it has a very distinct sparkle. Due to its unique cutting, Eight-Eight diamond can shine well even in low-light conditions also.

Ashoka Cut

This rare diamond cut is actually a modification of the common Cushion diamond cut. When compared to the Cushion diamond, the Ashoka cut has softer edges. The name of this diamond cut is originated from the Golconda diamond, which was discovered in Golconda that is related to the ancient Indian emperor Ashoka the Great.

Asprey Cut

Even though the shape of the Asprey cut is almost similar to that of the Cushion cut, the cutting characteristics of this cut are very unique. Gabi Tolkowsky, one of the world-renowned diamond cutters, designed this rare diamond cut. The main characteristic of this diamond cut is the letter A that is engraved onto the edges.

Royal Asscher Cut

This rare diamond cut is an updated form of the Asscher cut. The Royal Asscher cut has 74 facets when compared to the 58 facets of the Asscher cut. In addition to that, the Royal Asscher cut has a smaller cross-section. The perfect symmetry of this diamond cut makes it shine brighter than other square-shaped diamonds.

Jubilee Cut

This vintage rare diamond cut is not often seen mainly because it is only used on a larger diamond. One of the main characteristics of the Jubilee diamond is that it has 8 facets on the top and lacks a flat table. The total number of facets that Jubilee cut has is 88.