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Different Diamond Cuts
Different Diamond Cuts

If you are planning to buy a diamond ring you will come across different cuts. Round cut, cushion cut, princess cut, oval cut, marquise cut, emerald cut, pear cut etc are the different diamond cuts that are most popular. When you select a ring, its settings should match the shape of your diamond. If a ring setting does not suit the shape of the stone, it will diminish its beauty. So you have to be careful when selecting the right setting for your diamond. Following are some ring settings that will suit different diamond cuts and sizes.

Halo Setting

In a halo setting, the diamonds will be placed in a concentric circle or square surrounding the center stone. This setting gives the center stone a larger appearance. You can give more highlight to a small stone with this setting. As there will be small diamonds around the center stone, it will create more sparkle which adds to the beauty of the ring.

The main advantage of this setting is that it enlarges the appearance of the center stone and enhances the brightness of the ring. The center stone will be held securely and is less prone to damages. This setting complements most of the diamond cuts.

The defect associated with this design is that, as there will be a number of small stones surrounding the center stone, they might become loose easily. Resizing of such rings can also be difficult considering the number of side stones this design holds.

Bar Setting

A bar setting will have diamonds set separately between vertical bars. This design is similar to channel setting, which is another setting that holds diamonds in a channel fashion. But in a channel setting all sides of a diamond will be enclosed, but in a bar setting the metal will be left open on two sides.

The main plus point of this setting is that, it provides better visibility to the diamonds, and amplifies the brilliance of diamonds. The metal surrounding the stones will securely hold them in place. The main disadvantage of this design is that, the resizing can be costly and difficult. As the stones are more exposed, there is a chance for chipping also.

Three-Stone Setting

The ring created in this design will have three diamonds. The diamonds can be of same shape and size or of different shapes and sizes. The design will be more stunning when colored stones are used.

So, if you are planning to purchase a diamond ring, make certain that the setting of the ring matches the shape of your diamond.