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There are around ten different diamond cuts in the industry and each of them flaunts their unique charisma. No wonder, people usually give prominence to the diamond ring cuts when they look for their perfect sparkler. Besides, the way a diamond is cut will directly affect its overall sparkle. Anyhow, have you ever wondered about purchasing an uncut diamond? Some artsy people would have thought about it, but they are likely to contemplate on many doubts, especially regarding its worth.

Uncut diamonds, also known as rough or raw diamonds, are the gemstones that do not undergo any treatments or process such as polishing, cutting, etc. The sparkling diamonds that you see in the jewelry stores are actually the processed, cut, and polished versions of uncut diamonds. Even though rough diamonds can be created in the lab, a majority of the ones available in the jewelry stores are mined from the Earth’s crust. You will be surprised to know that these rough diamonds are more expensive than the brilliant and captivating cut diamonds.

Determining the Worth of Raw Diamonds

Usually, the worth of diamonds is determined on the basis of 4 C’s: the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Needless to say, the cut is the most important quantifier here. However, you have to focus only on the carat weight, color, and clarity in order to determine the quality as well as the worth of rough diamonds. For an in-depth knowledge regarding the same, you may refer to the points given below.

  • Carat Weight: Obviously, a diamond with higher carat weight will be more expensive when compared to its smaller counterparts. However, this is applicable only if all other characteristics of these diamonds are the same. That is, a bigger raw diamond with many visible flaws will be less expensive than a small rough diamond with less number of flaws. In the former case, you will have to cut the bigger diamond even more in order to eliminate the inclusions losing more of its carat weight.
  • Clarity: Just like the cut and polished diamonds, raw diamonds with less number of inclusions are very expensive as well. Normally, almost every raw diamond will be flawed because of their coarse nature, making the Flawless ones unique and really expensive. Note that an Internally Flawless rough diamond will be way more expensive than a polished stone of the same clarity grade.
  • Color: Most of the mined diamonds will have a tint of yellowish or brownish hue in them. The price of raw diamonds will go up as the intensity of their color shades goes down. Yet note that colorless raw diamonds are unbelievably rare to find in jewelry stores, because most of them are cut to make jewelry grade gemstones. This rarity factor further adds to the cost of such colorless raw diamonds.