Diamond Cuts
Diamond Cuts
Diamond Cuts

The cut of a diamond is a more important feature than the other characteristics, namely carat weight, color and clarity. There are many diamond cuts out there, and because it affects the sparkle of the stone, you must choose the cut grade wisely. The stone will not have much value and brilliance if you choose a poorly cut diamond.

What Is Diamond Cut?

The term ‘cut’ alludes to how well the gemstone is polished and in what way its dimensions are proportioned. Cut quality impacts the brilliance and beauty of the gemstone. Differences in cut drastically impact the diamond’s value as well, in addition to those two aspects.

How Diamond Cut Grade Impacts Price

The quality and precision of the feature are considered when fixing the price of diamonds. If the gem has proportional facets, for example, the light enters it at an angle and reflects tremendously. Diamonds that are not as accurately cut have pavilions and facets, which do not help refract the light and reflect it in the abovementioned way.

It is worth paying the extra price for the extent of brilliance and light return in a diamond with an exceptional cut. A diamond without the fire and brilliance is not as radiant, whatever the table size or carat weight is. This is to say, cut impacts the beauty of the gemstone most significantly. So it is worth paying the higher prices for the more desirable diamond cut, and spending more money on cut grade than clarity or color grades.

The Factor that Most Affects Diamond’s Beauty

The diamond cut quality plays the most significant role in the value and cost of the gemstone. There are several elements involved in the quality, including the stone’s facets, finishing details, the capability to reflect the light and proportions. The better such characteristics are, the higher will be the gemstone’s quality, and hence, the greater the cost. The clarity and color are also factors that determine the stone’s beauty, but the cut is more vital than those two characteristics.

Factors That Determine the Cut Quality

Several things play a part in how the cut quality of a diamond is determined. The main elements that impact the quality are symmetry, proportions and polish.

When you look at a diamond to find how well it is cut, pay attention to how the angles and facets of it reflect the light. Specifically, you should note how sparkly and bright the light that reflects is when put under a standard lamp.

You will want to measure the fire and brilliance of the gem. Do not forget to also check whether it has any internal dark spots. These flaws inside the stone may affect the value of your diamond, depending on what cut it has. Some cuts do not conceal these inclusions. So the cut can affect the clarity grade of it.

How a Diamond’s Cut Differ from Shape

The terms ‘shape’ and ‘cut’ have different meanings altogether. Diamond shape refers to the form or outline of the gemstone. For instance, round brilliant and pear allude to the appearance of it. However, the shape can be different from the name of the cut.

For instance, there is no such thing as a princess shaped diamond, but there is a princess cut one. This diamond is rectangular; unlike round or oval stone, it does not appear the same as its cut name implies.

Are All Diamonds Cut?

To cut the long story short, no. Some diamonds are not cut into shapes. Known as raw diamonds, these are sold in loose form to customers and as set in jewelry. Having realized how the cut influences a diamond’s value, you may be wondering what value the rough stones have. In fact, these are not as valuable as cut diamonds, even though there may be differences in the cut quality.

However, the good thing about buying an uncut diamond is that you will get a more affordable product than a cut one. Apart from loose diamonds, this better affordability also applies to rough diamond set jewelry.

Uncut diamonds also do not have as much resale value as their cut counterparts. However, some do prefer the rough shape owing to its uniqueness and the fact that it is more affordable than a cut one. It will help your jewelry stand out from the sea of cut diamond jewelry out there.

Is Cut Diamond the Way to Go?

Yes, all things considered, it is better to buy cut diamonds. There are more benefits to these stones than just the ones related to their beauty. For instance, if you lose your cut diamond somewhere, you have a better chance of finding it back than a rough diamond. This is because the former have much more sparkle than the latter, making your search easier.