Best Diamond Cut
Best Diamond Cut
Best Diamond Cut

We all are aware of the main attributes of a diamond- the 4 C’s- cut, carat, clarity, and color. Out of the four C’s, cut is a very significant attribute. Now you might be wondering, which the most expensive diamond cut is? The value of a diamond will depend on all the four factors, but there is one that is more culpable of the price of the diamond. Experts say the price tag, as said before, will depend on one factor more than the others which vary from diamond to diamond. Some diamonds are expensive because of their color whereas some are because of their weight. Ultimately, the cost of the diamond you buy will solely be determined by your priorities. The most expensive cut is the round brilliant and there are a few reasons why it is so.

Why Is The Cut Of A Diamond Important?

A diamond is cut to enhance its sparkle, fire, brilliance and overall appearance. Diamonds do not come polished, shining and beautiful from the earth. These are cut and crafted together into what you see in jewelry stores. When they are mined out, they are opaque with no sparkle, a little better than normal stone- called rough diamond.

By cutting a diamond, we add facets to it that reflect and refract light into our eyes making it look sparkling and radiant. The more the quality of the cut, the better the sparkle. The type of cut also influences the overall look of the diamond. The light performance, angles, location, sizes and shapes of the facet will also determine the sparkle of a diamond.

What Is The Most Brilliant Diamond Cut

Diamonds with a round brilliant cut are the most expensive because of the number of facets it has which makes it shine brighter than the other diamonds. This also makes it the most popular diamond cut. Did you know that you pay for the rough diamond of the diamond you buy? Round brilliant cut has many facets, which also means that a good portion of the rough diamond is cut. In short, you pay for more than you get when you buy a round brilliant cut diamond. But you will own a diamond with dazzling fire and sparkle, and these qualities make it the best diamond cut.

Fancy shapes like pear, oval and marquise will help save around 25% more than the round brilliant cut. It is a win-win situation as you will not have to spend more and still get a diamond with a striking, unconventional appearance.