Types Of Diamond Shapes
Types Of Diamond Shapes
Types Of Diamond Shapes

Of course, diamonds are pretty. In fact, they are one of the prettiest things in the whole world. Not to mention, expensive too. On an average, a diamond earring, which is the smallest common ornament, starts from $500. Whereas, a diamond necklace will range from costing $2500 (for a single diamond pendant) to more than $30000 (for ones with more than one diamonds). Americans across the country spend approximately $5400 to $10000 on a single diamond. Why do people buy diamonds in spite of it being so expensive? Let’s have a look at what psychology has to say about this.

Feels Worthy

We condemn those who weigh people based on how expensive the gifts they receive are. That doesn’t make people stop believing in it. There are a few who still believe their value depends on the worth of the things they get. You know he loves you when he buys a $6000 necklace for you on Valentine’s day. Or if he spends two months’ salary getting you an engagement ring.

Because It’s Rare

The fact that diamonds are rare itself is a huge reason why many adore it. What’s rare is always in trend. Sporting a beautiful diamond necklace at your friend’s wedding will draw attention to you and will definitely get you compliments. Owning something of such high value will show how classy you are.

Fits Celebrations

We all know the worth of diamond ornaments. Why do people wear diamond accessories to an occasion? It shows how important the event is to them. A mother wearing a diamond bangle for her child’s naming ceremony shows how much she appreciates and cares about the event.

Raise Social Status

Your choice of accessory will show your place in society and will gain you respect. Wearing a diamond ornament will undoubtedly turn heads but will also create a very rich impression in their minds. People will automatically treat you with esteem and admiration. Later, your high social status will benefit you in several ways.

It Is An Investment

Diamond lovers are not all blinded by its shiny appearance. Some see it more as an investment rather than an ornament. They secure their uncertain future by making investments on diamonds. What makes them a better investment than gold? Its properties like size, strength durability etc make it a reliable and pragmatic option.

But all that will depend on the types of diamond shapes and diamond cut quality.  We provide the best diamonds of the purest quality at economical rates. Your satisfaction is our happiness.