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Diamonds are not just expensive, beautiful stones of top cuts and sizes. Many of them have long stories tied to them because of how long they last. And some of these stories cannot be more interesting. Have you ever heard of cursed diamonds? Below shared are the stories of a few famous cursed diamonds in the world.

The Hope Diamond

According to the legend, a curse befell the magnificent stone when it was stolen from the forehead of an Indian goddess’s idol by Tavernier. All those who touched the diamond would suffer from misfortune and eventually die miserably.

This 45.52 carat stone has one of the best diamond cuts, unique color, and shape. The stone is blamed for a series of tragedies involving King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette who were also its owners.

The Black Orlov

It is believed that this black diamond, also known as the eye of the Brahma, a Hindu god, was stolen from an idol following which it became cursed. Its owners were found having committed suicide by jumping from tall buildings while they owned it. One of them got it cut, which took two years to complete after which the curse was broke. The sparkler is now 67.50 carat and is a part of a necklace that has made an appearance in the Oscars too.

The Kohinoor

This stone has caused a lot of bloodsheds and has been claimed by many countries. Its history can be traced back by 5000 years after which it was captured and recaptured by countries. It is said that those who own the stone will own the world and also all its misfortunes. The curse, however, doesn’t affect women. , diamond engagement ring

The diamond is presently in the coronation crown of the Queen of England and weighs 105.6 carats.

The Delhi Purple Sapphire

The tale of this amethyst begins with a British soldier who stole it from the temple of Indra, an Indian god. The soldier who stole it experienced a series of bad luck after which he sold it to a scientist John Heron-Allen, who too faced the same problems. He tried discarding it by throwing it inside a Regent’s Canal in London but that didn’t stop the suffering.

The diamond is now exhibited in the London Natural History Museum.

There are many more that belong to this list. Explore the history of these stones to know more.