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Have you heard of rose gold? Why it became a romantic choice for engagement rings? Below is a discussion on rose gold and things you need to know about it.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a precious metal with a rosy sheen. It is the combination of pure gold with copper and silver alloys. The reddishness of rose gold is due to the presence of copper in it. The presence of silver reduces the redness of copper by giving a pink shade to the jewelry.

Why Alloys are Added?

Since pure gold is very soft, it cannot be used for making jewelry items. Therefore, it needs to be mixed up with certain alloys to make the gold harder. These alloys are the reason behind the different shades of gold namely yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. For rose gold the alloy used to harden the gold is copper.

Is Rose Gold Real?

Yes. Rose gold is real. Even though it contains alloys, it is made up of pure gold like yellow and white gold. You can verify the presence of pure gold in rose gold by looking at its hallmark. A hallmarked 18K gold will contain 75% pure gold and hallmarked 9K will contain 38% pure gold regardless of its alloys.

Does Rose Gold Chip or Tarnish?

No. Rose gold does not chip. Since the copper alloy is used in the making of rose gold, it enhances the durability of metal. As time flies, the copper gets dark and causes the pink luster of rose gold to appear little red. This give rose gold jewelry a vintage look.

Is Rose Gold Suitable for Engagement Rings?

Yes. Rose gold is suitable for any type of jewelry, especially for engagement rings. The enhanced durability of the copper helps to preserve the shape and surface of the ring. Rose gold engagement rings are also very easy to maintain.

Who Invented Rose Gold?

Rose gold is known as Russian gold, as they were first made in Russia at the beginning of 19th century. But there is no evidence showing who invented rose gold.

Why it Became Popular?

Rose gold engagement rings now become more trending over the traditional yellow gold and white gold engagement rings. A rose gold engagement ring suits any bride having a different skin tone. People also believe that rose gold engagement rings as the most romantic metal ring. Also, the vintage look of a rose gold engagement ring makes it people’s popular choice.