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It is a known fact that diamonds and gemstones have always been praised for their incredible beauty. These high valued stones have always created a big deal of buzz throughout history. However, most of the highly priced diamonds have a dark side to their story as well. Some of these incredibly beautiful stones have also made way for conflicts and rumors, which when combined together, makes them cursed. Below are some of the most famous “cursed” diamonds, and the mysterious folklore associated with them.

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous and the most cursed gemstone man has ever found. This diamond has been blamed for a list of misfortunes including stabbings, beatings, insanity, suicide, and murder.

King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who owned this beautiful blue diamond once, were beheaded at the time of the French Revolution. Evalyn McLean was the last person to own this diamond privately, who had her husband leave her for another woman, while her son died in a car crash, and her daughter died of an overdose. Her estate trustees sold this diamond to Harry Winston, who finally donated the stone to the Smithsonian.

The Black Orlov

The Black Orlov is a67.50 carat black diamond. This diamond is also called the Eye of Brahma Diamond, as this stone supposed to be taken out from an ancient statue of the Hindu god Brahma. Similar to the stories of other diamonds, it was the theft, which started the curse of Black Orlov.

A diamond dealer in 1932 tried to sell this famous stone in New York. Just within a few months, he committed suicide by jumping down a skyscraper. Likewise, Princess Nadia Orlov also killed herself jumping down a building while she owned this diamond.

The Regent Diamond

This 140.64 carat diamond was the one that decorated Napoleon’s sword. This diamond also became famous after it was stolen from India. A slave snatched this diamond from Golconda Mine in India and it was cursed from then onward.

The slave boarded on a ship to Europe in order to escape with the diamond. He got inside the ship after hiding it in the open cut in his leg. He also had plans to sell it in Europe, but to his misfortune, the captain of the ship murdered him, when he came to know that the slave possessed a valuable stone. You can see this diamond now at the display in the Louvre Museum.