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The fancy colored diamonds are among the rarest substances found on earth. This contributes to less than 0.1% of the total number of diamonds mined across the globe. These colored diamonds are very difficult to find as very few mines produce them. Further, there are certain rare colors in existence that they are sold before they are even sold to the company. Below is a discussion on the rarest diamonds found in nature which may involve different diamond cuts.

The Yellow Diamonds

The Yellow Diamonds are most common in comparison to other colored diamonds. Therefore, they cost lesser than other colored diamonds. Note that they are among the most demanded diamonds. Their demand is comparable to that of the Pink Diamonds. The demand for a particular colored diamond rises suddenly when a celebrity or an influential individual wears it. Paris Hilton was proposed for using a yellow diamond.

Red Diamonds

These are the rarest diamonds to be found in the world. Pure diamonds do not exist and have not yet been found. The ones available include brownish-red or fancy purplish red. With their high-grade red shades and high-quality attributes in the remaining 3Cs, they would have a very high value. Two of the most famous diamonds sold include the Hancock Red Diamond and the Moussaieff Red diamond. They could carry a huge price tag if they would be placed on sale.

Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds are considered as the second rarest diamonds to be found among the fancy colors. It is slightly more uncommon than the pink which succeeds blue in terms of rarity. The most famous among the Blue Diamonds include the Wittelsbach Graff and the Hope Diamond

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are high on demand and their demand is comparable only to the yellow diamonds. They are very popular among women due to their attractive shades and their romantic appeal. Besides, they are considered good for investment. The popular pink diamonds include names like the Perfect Pink, Steinmetz Pink, and the Graff Pink

Orange Diamonds

Orange Diamonds are among the most attractive fancy colored diamonds available today. Diamond enthusiasts consider these diamonds highly. Even though they are low on demand, the specialists are well aware of their worth. The Pumpkin Orange Diamond is a well-known diamond of the orange shade.

The above are some of the most sought after diamond colors and their names. Consider knowing them if you are looking to buy one.