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It is a well-known fact that there are different diamond cuts and shapes. There are also wide varieties of diamonds available in different colors. Black diamonds are also colored diamonds like pink, red, and blue diamonds. A black diamond can be the right choice for your engagement ring if you want it to be special and unique.

History Of Black Diamonds

It was in 1840 that the Brazilians found the black diamond for the first time. They called it the carbonados, and since then the black diamonds have been mined in Brazil and the Central African Republic. The truth is that there are no other places where black diamonds are found. Since they are found very rarely, they are also very expensive. Many of the kings and celebrities through the ages desired to have black diamonds. Though the black diamonds are often categorized with the chocolate diamonds, unlike them, the black diamonds are almost opaque with their color that resembles onyx.

4c’s Of Black Diamond

All the diamonds are measured in terms of cut, color, clarity, and carat. It is the same with black diamonds as well. According to the GIA, the cut of a diamond can be ranged between poor and excellent. The cut of a black diamond is significant in determining its value.

Normal diamonds are rated on a color scale between D to Z. On this color scale, D represents the absence of any color and is the usual standard of diamonds. Since the black diamonds have a unique color, they are not rated based on this color grade.

The clarity of a diamond represents the absence of flaws in the diamond. It tells of the quality of the diamond. If a diamond is flawed, the inclusions will be visible on a professional inspection. This is true with black diamonds as well.

Though it is usually thought that the carat of a diamond represents the size of the diamond, it signifies the weight of the diamond. Black diamonds have greater carat weight than white and other colored diamonds.

It is good to have a fair knowledge of diamond cuts and sizes before you go on to make your purchase of a diamond.

Differentiating Black Diamond And Other Gemstones

Since there are so many counterfeit black diamonds in the market, it is important to ensure that the black diamond you buy is a real one and not a fake one. The best way to do it is by taking it to a professional. He will have the specialized tools using which he can find if the diamond is a genuine one or not.