Top Diamond Cuts
Top Diamond Cuts
Top Diamond Cuts

Princess cut is one of the top diamond cuts that are preferred by a lot of people. It is second in popularity after round brilliant diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are chosen by people who want a unique look from the traditional round diamonds but still need good brilliance and sparkle. Princess cut diamond attracts people with its square shape and pointed edges. It can almost match the brilliance of a round diamond, so it will not disappoint people who want maximum shine for their diamond rings.

Princess cut diamonds are significantly less expensive when compared to round brilliant diamonds. Hence, you will be able to get a shinier ring at a lower cost when compared to many other diamond shapes. Also, the princess cut retains almost 60% of the diamond’s original weight. Hence, it becomes one of the best diamond cuts in the jewelry world.

For bringing out the beauty of a princess cut diamond to its maximum, you have to mount it in the right settings. We list some of the best ring settings that can give a better appeal for your princess cut diamond. These options can be suitable for you when choosing a princess cut diamond ring.

The Classic Solitaire Setting

Solitaire setting can be a perfect option to bring out the beauty of your princess cut diamond. It includes your diamond set in a simple metal band. This setting uses prongs for holding the diamond in place.

As the stone is not covered by metal, it allows your princess diamond to exhibit the maximum brilliance. There are different types of prong settings including four-prong, six-prong, and V-shaped prongs setting. The V-shaped prong setting will be usually used for princess cut diamonds. This can be useful for enhancing the shape and brilliance of a princess cut diamond.

The Three-Stone Setting

This is another ring setting that can give an astounding look to your princess diamond. Here, the big center stone will be accompanied by two small stones on either side. This can increase the overall appeal of your diamond ring, as the reflection of light by all these stones will add more shine to your ring.

The Channel Setting

This setting is popular for the great sparkle it adds to the ring. Here, the band of the ring will be embedded with small stones and a big center stone will add more beauty to the ring. This is another excellent option to set your princess cut diamonds.

Princess cut diamond can add a unique look for your ring with its square shape and great brilliance. If you are looking for the best settings for your princess diamond, then the above options can be suitable for you, as they can bring out the beauty of your stone to its fullest.