Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles
Diamond Cut Styles

Cutting a diamond is the process of changing a rough diamond to a beautiful stone. This should be done by an expert who has very good knowledge of the process, with the help of tools and equipment that are required for the job. This is because every decision made during the cutting process will affect profitability.

What are the considerations that a cutter should take into account while planning to cut a diamond? The first and foremost one is about the shape of the diamond. Should it be a round cut diamond, an oval one, etc? The second one is about the proportioning of the diamond facets and the quality of the cut.

Diamond Cutting And Polishing

As diamonds are the hardest natural substances in the world, only another diamond can be used to cut a diamond. The various steps that are used to make different diamond cut styles are planning, cleaving, bruiting, polishing, and inspecting. Let us see the details of these steps.


This is one of the most important steps in the process of diamond cutting. It can be time-consuming but determines the values of the final diamond. In this step, the cutter will find out the best possible shapes so that wastage is minimized and the yield is maximized.


This involves splitting the rough diamond into different pieces, allowing the cutter to easily work on the different pieces. Cleaving will allow making use of the rough stone fully.


Bruting is done after splitting the diamond. This step helps to make the rough stones round. Bruting is also called girdling and in this step, two diamonds are placed on an axle. The diamonds are placed across each other in the spinning axle and are turned across each other so that they will grind against each other. This will offer a rough finish to the stones.


This is done to make the facets of the diamond. The rough diamond is placed on a rotating arm and is polished using a spinning wheel. This is the step that makes the smooth facets of a diamond.


This is the last step of the diamond cutting process. In this step, the polished diamond is checked to find if the stone meets the quality standards. If necessary, the diamond will be sent back to the polisher for a touch-up, if it is found that the stone doesn’t meet the quality standards.